Alternative Hells

Angel left the library, glad of a chance to escape before Giles set him to research. There were times when his skill at fading away quietly came in very handy...

He smiled, turned a corner and ran into Snyder. "Well, well, what do we have here? I know you."

"Really doubt that," Angel replied with a quiet, confident smile.

"You flunked math."

"What? No, I don't go here! I'm - I graduated a, uh, a long time ago. Sir."

Why he tacked that on to the end, he didn't know.

Snyder pursed his lips in a tight smile. "I can tell just by looking what a student's weaknesses are. You; you can't count. Sticks out a mile. Like your hair. Do you even own a comb?"

"Yes?" Angel's hand crept upwards.

"Are you sure you know how to use it?"

"Think so." Angel glanced down and saw his toe making circles on the floor. God! This was torture.

"Look at me, boy!"

Angel snarled into game face. "Don't call me that!"

Snyder took two steps forward, quivering with outrage. "You put those away, mister! Not in my school, oh, no!"

Angel felt his fangs shrink. "Sorry," he muttered.

"Better. Now tell me; when was the last time you brushed up on your calculus?"


"Thought as much. Immortality and endless youth is no excuse for letting your brain go rusty, you know."

"S'pose not..." Angel mumbled.

Snyder smiled triumphantly and then snapped, "Drop and give me twenty!"

Angel frowned. Twenty what? He shrugged mentally. Go with the obvious...and if it took more than twenty to get a result, well, anything was better than calculus.

He dropped to his knees...

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