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Welcome to my page. I mostly write m/m romances, solo or with Alexa Snow. Here you can find details of the books and how to buy them, links to free stories, some previously published and now out of print, and a little about me.

Alexa and I have finished a dark futuristic BDSM novel set on a distant planet. It's called O/s  and Loose Id will publish it on August 2, 2016.

The rights to my novella, Reading Between the Lines, previously available in Kegs and Dorms, are back with me. I'm offering a revised version for sale here on my site.
"Reading Between the Lines" by Jane Davitt on Ganxy

Cover art: Jay Aheer
Coming Soon

The rights to Gambling on Love are back with me and a heavily revised version will be published by Riptide on September 19 2016.

When Gary and Abe came out to each other in their final year of high school, a longstanding friendship turned into a new love. Keeping their feelings a secret was easy until a coach caught them together in the locker room, and their fragile relationship shattered around them. Panicked, angry, and rejected by his mother, Gary fled town, breaking Abe’s eighteen-year-old heart.

Eleven years later Gary returns just as unexpectedly, crashing into Abe's truck during a blizzard. He’s as arrogant and stubborn as ever—and just as irresistible. Time has changed them both in ways they never imagined, but the heat that flares between them is enough to thaw any ice.

While Abe discovers what Gary did to survive in the city, Gary realizes that Abe has grown into a man with needs to match his own, and they fall in love all over again. But Gary’s determination to carry out one final order from the rich, older man he lived with—and obeyed—for years means that a dead man's plans might split them apart again . . . this time for keeps.


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