Biter Beware

Dawn wandered into the front room, drawn by the heart shaped, flat box on the table. It had to be chocolates. She picked up a gift card and her lips quirked as she looked at the drawing of a heart, pierced not by an arrow but a stake. The initials ‘S’ and ‘B’ were at either end of the stake.

“Sweet,” she murmured, lifting off the lid. “Mmm – sweeter!”

She saw that four or five chocolates had been eaten and grinned. No one would miss a couple then. It was very romantic of Spike but Buffy wasn’t much for candy. She’d appreciate someone helping her to eat them. Sure she would.

Reaching in, Dawn pulled out a particularly luscious one and popped the lid back on. Approaching footsteps made her panic. Buffy did tend to get a little territorial sometimes – best to hide the evidence. Dawn slipped the chocolate into her mouth and began chewing vigourously, moaning as the rich chocolate melted in her mouth and her teeth crashed through to a strawberry creme filling that actually tasted of fresh strawberries.

Spike appeared in the doorway, a shy smile on his face. Dawn had never seen him look so happy. “Hi, Bit,” he said. Dawn smiled, her lips clamped together. She couldn’t bear to swallow. She wanted to keep the taste as long as possible. The strawberry was slowly dissolving - and was that a liquid centre? Heaven.

 “Did you see what your sis got me then?” He tried to be casual but the joy was bubbling up. “She ordered them in from this shop in L.A that specialises in vampire munchies. Suppose I’d better keep them in the fridge.”

A peculiar taste was flooding Dawn’s mouth now, bitter and tangy. Were they alcoholic centres?

“Why fridge?” she mumbled through the last bit of candy.

Spike gave her a peculiar look. “They might spoil,” he explained. “Sorry I can’t share them but I gave Buffy a box of Godiva truffles and I’m sure she’ll be passing them around.”

He walked off with the box and Dawn stood very still for a second before heading for her toothbrush. As she rinsed with mouthwash for the third time she looked round to see Buffy in the doorway, an innocent smile on her face.

“Chocolate?” asked Buffy, holding out the box.

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