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Search and Rescue

March 18 2011 Danny discovers that Steve's a Sentinel. Steve/Danny, Jim/Blair (Hawaii Five-0/The Sentinel) NC17 14,000 words.

Right Before My Eyes

May 28 2009. Blair's looking for his Holy Grail in Sunnydale. Blair/Giles (The Sentinel/BtVS) PG13 650 words.

Creatures of the Night

May 28 2009. Blair's not sure Abby's all she seems to be. Abby/Blair (NCIS/The Sentinel) R 500 words.

One Night Only

May 28 2009. Nick and Cody deal with a stray. Nick/Cody/Blair (Riptide/The Sentinel) R 700 words.

Culture Clash

May 28 2009. Blair's wondering if picking up Australians in bars is a good idea. Blair/Spike (The Sentinel/BtVS) R 650 words

Red Light

Feb 12 2008 One rainy night, Jim pulls over a speeding driver and gets made an offer he can't refuse. Jim Ellison/Karl Mayer (The Sentinel/Desperate Housewives) NC17. 4900 words.

Buried Dreams

MacGyver's sent to an Egyptian dig to investigate some thefts and meets a young Daniel Jackson, whose shadowed past is about to darken his future. MacGyver/Daniel (MacGyver/SG-1) Mild R. 15,000 words.

Carpe Diem

It's 1980, and in a London pub Ethan gets picked up by someone who has just what he needs. Ethan Rayne/Captain Jack (BtVS/Doctor Who) R 6,300 words.

Flying Into the Black


Lieutenant Womack's got problems. His senses are going wild and he's got people who want him dead. Then he's offered help; but Sandburg just seems like one more problem to deal with... The Sentinelverse/Firefly NC17 WIP 3,500 words

Mistaken Identity

Xander's not sure why Giles wants him to watch the new kid at school, but he's not complaining... Xander/Clone Jack O'Neill (BtVS/SG-1) R rated 400 words.

Pick Me Up

Paul Davis is certain he's not going to let himself get picked up; but once Faith stops playing the games begin. Paul/Faith (SG-1/BtVS) R rated 700 words

Spoken in the Silence

Crossover with The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1. Post-Meridian; Jack's missing Daniel and he turns to Jim Ellison for comfort. But it's been a long time since they met up. Jack/Jim NC17 2000 words

Too Wide a Net

Drabble. A crossover with S5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Willow's cast a spell and the results aren't quite what she intended. Sam, Willow (SG-1/BtVS)

With Love

Crossover with BtVS. Blair gets a present for Jim... but Ethan Rayne's not a good source for Christmas cheer. Jim/Blair NC17 10, 500 words

Worlds Collide

Wesley's only too glad to help out a certain Doctor Jackson with his research. It's just a shame about the lurking vampires and hovering Colonel. Wesley/Daniel (BtVS/SG-1) 1650 words R rated.



Tragedy in Tinseltown

May 11 2007. Set directly after episode 10, spoilers for episode 4 and 10. Cole Riccardi hears some bad news. Cole/Peter R 400 words.


Car Crash

December 6 2007. Chuck tries to make amends to Casey. 300 words. Gen. Spoilers for 'Chuck v the Crown Victoria'.


Dream a Little Dream

November 30 2009. Dollhouse drabble. Topher's nightmares are scary ones. (Dollhouse) Topher.


Grace Note

June 1 2010. Glee. After the 'Dream On' duet in 1.19, Will and Bryan continue to fight. Will/Bryan R 400 words

Life on Mars


April 15 2009 Sex changes nothing but neither of them ever thought it would. Gene/Sam (Life on Mars) NC17 600 words

White Collar

Wash My Sins Away

December 29 2009. White Collar. Peter's musing about Neal and Elizabeth. Peter/Neal/Elizabeth NC17 500 words


Paper Cuts

August 26 2009. Mulder needs something and Skinner's willing to provide it -- up to a point. Mulder/Skinner R 3800 words.

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