due South


Updated November 10 2008

Tell Me

November 10 2008. A tag fic for 'Letting Go'. Ray's contemplating an injured Fraser. UST. Fraser/RayV 200 words.

Air Supply

March 11 2008. A tag fic for the S4 episode 'Odds'. Ray owes Fraser something and Fraser plans to collect. Fraser/RayK 1500 words. R.

Straight Lines

Feb 25 2008. Fraser, a ruler, Ray's hair and the metric system. Fraser/RayK 1150 words.

Exhale, All Empty

Feb 19 2008.  Spoilers for Mountie on the Bounty. Ray reflects on what he's been taking for granted.  Fraser/RayK  300 words.

Defining Desire

Feb 19 2008. Drabble. Ray's seeing red. Lots of it. Fraser/RayK

Standing Guard

April 15 2007. Ray just can't help teasing Fraser. Fraser, RayV 300 words

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