Alone Time

Jayne's wishing Serenity was bigger... or had less people on it. Jayne/Simon R

Desecrate Me

Drabble. Mal's done what had to be done, but it doesn't mean he likes it. Spoilers for 'Serenity'. Mal, Book.

Flying Into the Black

Lieutenant Womack's got problems. His senses are going wild and he's got people who want him dead. Then he's offered help; but Sandburg just seems like one more problem to deal with... The Sentinelverse/Firefly NC17 WIP 3,500 words

Good as Gold

When someone can read you like a book, it's no use trying to hide your motives for kindness. Jayne/River

Habit Forming

Drabble. Simon finds it disconcerting when Jayne gets vocal. Jayne/Simon

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