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Last updated February 27 2012

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Bucket List
February 27 2012 Tony shares what's on his bucket list with Gibbs. Gibbs/Tony R 1400 words

Defined, Described
February 27 2012 It's all in the meaning... Gibbs/Tony R 400 words

Pastrami on Rye

October 20 2009. An episode tag (no spoilers) for 7.03. Tony's paying for not sharing his sandwich. DiNozzo/McGee R 250 words.

Splinters and Sawdust

June 28 2009 Tony has some ideas about Gibbs and the boat he's building. Gibbs/DiNozzo 300 words R

Dirty Boy

June 12 2009 Tony finds out that Gibbs is surprisingly fussy about a bit of mud. Gibbs/DiNozzo 1600 words NC17

Creatures of the Night

May 28 2009 Crossover with The Sentinel. Abby picks up a nervous young man. Blair/Abby R 500 words.

First Rule

March 3 2009 Tony discovers something surprising about Gibbs. Gibbs/DiNozzo 900 words


July 17 2008. Tony gets a lesson in humility when he's down on his knees. DiNozzo/McGee NC17 700 words.

Sleep Now

April10 2008. It's been a long time since Tony's slept but there's something he has to do before he does. Gibbs/DiNozzo 650 words. R

Kill Me With Kindness

Jan 25 2008. Tony can take a lot, but Gibbs being nice? Not so much. Gibbs/DiNozzo NC17 900 words.

Breathing Underwater

November 7 2007. Set immediately after episode 5.07, Requiem (episode spoilers). Tony wakes to an uncomfortable realization. Gibbs/DiNozzo. Drabble.


October 14 2007. Set immediately after episode 5.03. Gibbs shows up at Tony's looking for something Tony wants, too. Gibbs/DiNozzo R 2100 words.


September 26 2007. Gibbs has got the power, all of it. Ask Tony if he minds. Gibbs/DiNozzo R 250 words.

Rain Check

September 26 2007. Tony's drunk and Gibbs isn't happy. Gibbs/DiNozzo R 800 words.

Watch Your Step

Feb 5 2007. Tony's left guessing when Gibbs is surprisingly honest. Gibbs/DiNozzo PG13 800 words.

Incentive Pay

Jan 30 2007. Tony knows there's a way to get what he wants but he's not sure what it is. Gibbs/DiNozzo R 1700 words.


Lucky Seven

March 1 2010. Episode tag to 1.14. Another angsty look at the past. Sam/Callen 800 words


November 30 2009. Episode tag to 1.08 Sam and Callen deal with the aftermath of the day. Sam/Callen 500 words

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