Non Fiction

The Number Of The Boat

A short piece on the thematic links between Jerome K Jerome's book, 'Three Men In A Boat' and Robert A Heinlein's 'The Number Of The Beast'.

Of One Blood: The Influence Of Rudyard Kipling On Robert Heinlein

An examination of Kipling's influence on the works of Robert Heinlein.

Red Planet - Blue Pencil

An analysis and comparison of the two versions of Robert Heinlein's 'Red Planet' with speculation about the cuts made in the first edition.

The Martian Named Smith

A book review of 'The Martian Named Smith' by William Patterson and Andrew Thornton, itself a study of Robert Heinlein's book,
'Stranger In A Strange Land.'

Note. The above articles all appeared in The Heinlein Journal. For more information on past issues and how to subscribe to it, please click here.

Giles and Spike: The Watcher and the Vampire

An in depth essay exploring the canonical justification and appeal of the Giles/Spike pairing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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