Peel Me Up

I’m watching him hold it and if I’m substituting me for it, I blame a dozen porn films watched at an impressionable age. Canalized. That’s the word. I see bananas and I think pouty pink lips opening wide and letting pale firm goodness slide inside warm, wet mouths.

But Giles’ lips are thin and they can look stern more easily than they can smile and oh, good gravy, he’s grabbed the end and he’s peeling it back!

Strong hands. Such strong, long fingers...wrapping around that curve, gripping it firmly, with such assurance, such – oh, dear Lord, he’s peeling it back!

I can’t look. Willow. Buffy. Look at them. But...he’ll be biting it. Got to look. Got to. Oh, yes, mouth opening, just a little bite, teeth digging in around the edges and it just breaks off with a little pressure...God, he keeps them that size, he’ll take four, five bites to finish it. The man’s a sadist, must be. If he licks his lips to get that tiny smear just to the left of...oh Giles, you bastard.

It’s ridiculous. The man’s eating that’s all. Consuming...taking...devouring. He’s like that, I know he is. Not the sort to be satisfied with anything but all a man – a person – has to offer. He’d want it all. Everything and I couldn’t do anything but obey and – he licked his lips and oh Giles, you utter -

Half way down. He’s going to have to peel it back more to get at the rest. His mouth’s full and he’s going to swallow first – don’t think about Giles with his mouth full, swallowing. Never going to happen and you know it’d be the other way around. God, yes, I’d kneel for him...

I believe...yes, that last bite his lips just grazed the edge of the skin. He’s going to have to peel it back further. Oh, see the way he does it, delicately, firmly gripping the edge and tugging down, first one side, then the other...would he do that to me, stripping me of all I wore with deft, sure touches? Or would he sit and watch me undress, his eyes never leaving me, until all I wore was a blush?

Almost done now, almost...there’s that last little bit. I always squeeze the end, make it pop out and into my mouth. There’s a knack to it. I bet Giles knows how to make it pop. Oh, boy, I bet he does....And where does Wes get off goggling at Giles like he’s some sort of -

I’m still talking. I can hear my voice and I can see the others looking bored, so I must sound quite normal, quite composed. Oh, dear God I cannot bear it. That last flick of his wrist, the last morsel taken, so all that’s left is an empty hollowed husk. It would be like that. I’m sure. I can’t – I mustn’t – I – why is Xander staring at Giles like that?

Giles tossed the peel into the trash and walked towards the doors Buffy and Willow had just gone through.

“You two coming?” he asked casually.

Xander and Wesley’s eyes met. “In a moment,” Wesley said. Giles shrugged and left. The library was suddenly very quiet.

“So,” Xander said.

“Quite,” Wesley replied.

“He just doesn’t know he’s doing it does he?”

“Doubt it.”

“You as hard as me?”


“Prove it.”

“The best place for such...demonstrations is the high 800s.Dark corner, secluded. 877 maybe.”

“Come again?”

Wesley sighed. “Follow me to the Latin satire section.”

Xander shrugged and stood up. Once in the corner, every bit as secluded as Wesley had promised, he stood braced against the shelf and unzipped.

“See?” He ran his hand gently along the length of his cock, biting his lip. “God, I wanted to touch it so bad.”

“Badly,” Wesley corrected absently, following suit. “Xander, it occurs to me that our mutual arousal and subsequent frustration –”

“Wesley, we’re hard. Just say it.”

“- might be assuaged by – oh very well. Do you want me to get you off?”

“Wesley, you just surprised me.”

Wesley reached out and ran a finger around the glistening head of Xander’s cock, before bringing it to his mouth to suck clean. “Remember how he licked his lips?”

The shudder that went through Xander showed he did. “Wesley...if you can make me harder like that, then, yes, I’m guessing you can deal with it too. Do your worst.”

Wesley stepped closer and looked down at Xander’s flushed face as though debating whether or not to kiss him. Deciding against it, he gripped Xander’s cock and began to work it with firm, slow strokes. “Oh, you’re so ready, aren’t you?” he murmured against Xander’s throat, letting his lips brush the skin lightly and smiling at the whimper he got in reply. “If I stopped – like this – could I get you to beg, oh so prettily for more? Would you kneel while you did it?”

“You’re not Giles, Wes,” Xander gritted out, his fingers scrabbling until they found Wesley’s erection. “Not going to be your toy. But you’re welcome to suck me off. Use your mouth to keep me awake for once.”

Wesley bit his neck and Xander yelped in protest and arousal, cupping Wesley’s balls and squeezing them hard in warning. Wesley reared back to glare at him and as their eyes met, his face softened and he bent forward, claiming Xander’s lips in a forgiving, avid kiss that had Xander’s hand moving upwards, returning to stroke the punished flesh below for a moment.

Hands between them became a barrier and dropped away, leaving them thrusting against each other, cocks sliding and touching in frustratingly brief flashes of sensation.

“No use,” Xander panted. “God, this is just – look, flip you for it. You win, I’ll blow you first.”

Wesley moaned. “Sod that,” he said. “If you think I’ve got the coordination to even find my pocket...”

Two seconds later there was a dull thud as Wesley’s knees hit the thick carpet, echoed by another as Xander threw his head back and struck a shelf. “Oh God, Wes! You’ve done this before, haven’t you – no don’t stop to answer me. Please don’t stop...”

“You know, I really wish he would. In fact I insist on it.”

“Oh, God! Giles, I can explain.”

Giles looked at them both with raised eyebrows. “I’m waiting. And do stand up, Wesley. You look most undignified down there.”

“It’s all your fault,” Xander blurted.

“I have to agree with Xander,” Wesley said regretfully. “One simply cannot control oneself under some circumstances and they were, I’m afraid, such circumstances.”

“What were?”

“Banana, Giles. And don’t try to look innocent.”

Giles flushed. “Ah. I thought I sensed a certain...tension, but...very well. We’ll say no more about it then. You two, er, adjust yourselves and –”

“Or you could stay and we could all finish this to our mutual satisfaction.”

Giles frowned. “Wesley, I’ve admitted that I’m in some small measure responsible for this disgraceful behaviour, but if there’s any more of it, I’ll be forced to deal out some well deserved punishment. Neither of you are too old to spank, you know.”

He turned away and there was a sharp crack, followed by two anguished moans.

“You both knelt down at the same time, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Giles,” they said.

“You’re just asking for it, you know that?”

“Well, duh.”

“That would seem to be blindingly obvious.”

Giles let a smile play over his lips and banished it before turning back to them. “Well, since you’re both down there, there is something you can do for me.”


“The books are in an appalling state of disorder on these particular shelves. Wesley, as I doubt Xander’s quite grasped the Dewey system, perhaps you could explain it to him? Call me when you’re done and I’ll inspect your work. And I will be thorough, so make sure I don’t find any ...mess.”

He moved away and Xander closed his eyes for a moment before looking at Wesley. “Inspect it just me or did that make you go all –”

Wesley grabbed three books and shoved them into Xander’s hands. “These belong elsewhere. They’ve been misfiled. And I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“But don’t you want to...I mean, I think that was a hint at the end there.”

Wesley made judicious use of a crisp square of linen. “Too late. He had me at the ‘since you’re both down there’ comment.”

Xander sighed. “So where do these go, then?” he asked holding up the books.

Wesley gave them a cursory glance. “Self-help.”


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