Rainbow Tears

A sky of periwinkle arched to meet a turquoise sea. Clouds like fluffy blobs of cream begged for a long spoon to scoop them up. Far below, the waves lapped gently against a beach of tumbleweed brown, framed by sepia rocks, sharp and rugged.

Floating on the sea was a boat, its sails bright with stripes of carnation pink and olive green.

Idyllic, except for one jarring note. Hanging in the sky, casting a baleful glare on the scene below was a violet-red sun.

A puzzled frown on her face, the kindergarten teacher flipped the drawing over and read the name on the back.

wIllOw R.

Note; all crayon colours in the story (periwinkle, sepia etc) are real Crayola shades.

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