Reaping the Benefit

It’s only afterwards, when she’s shrugging back into clothes she shed as easily as her childhood accent, and with as little hesitation as, he imagines, she discarded her scruples, that he thinks to ask her why she seduced him.

“I sold you the amulet willingly,” he points out, rubbing a finger over a welt left by her manicured nails. “And it would have cost less to post it to you than the petrol you used to get here.”

“Are you always this English?” she says, hissing with annoyance as she picks carpet fluff off a night-black skirt. “And this stupid?” She blows him a kiss as she opens the door. “I came because Wesley says you taught him everything he knows.” Her lips purse and her head tilts in a silent appraisal of his naked body. “I think I’ll send him back to say ‘thank you’ one day.”

Giles smiles and stands up. “I think he already did.”

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