Birthday Boy

October 16 2011 Drabble. Someone isn't happy at turning forty... Nick/Cody

One Night Only

May 28 2009. Crossover with The Sentinel. Nick and Cody take in a stray for the night. Nick/Cody/Blair R 700 words

Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere

January 26 2009. PWP. Murray can't believe how lucky he is. Cody/Murray/Nick 300 words mild R.

Hook, Line, And Sinker

November 10 2008. PWP. A drowsy Cody sees Nick and wakes up. Cody/Nick 600 words NC17

Living Space

August 22 2007. The Riptide's small, but that's not always a disadvantage. Cody/Nick 500 words R rated.

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