I'll Say Goodbye Tomorrow

Willow lies in bed, asleep, alone. She wakes. [A moment passes] The tears begin. Without moving she endures the salt stiff pillow beneath her cheek, knowing that it will soon soften as fresh tears drip down. A moment, three heartbeats, eternity….

[A mo...She moves through layers of dreams to reality. Deep happiness still wraps her round, comforting, safe. She has no need at first to analyse, explain...she accepts the feeling unquestioningly. But that cannot last. Reasons are rejected as soon as they rise within her thoughts. Not her birthday, not a holiday, not...Tara! Tara is back! Tara loves her still…The happiness peaks as a shudder of sensual pleasure remembered sweeps through her body. Her eyes finally open on emptiness and as quickly as her lashes flutter, the joy is ripped away and the utter desolation descends....ment]

The tears begin.

Tomorrow there will be no moment of blissful forgetfulness. And tomorrow Willow will accept her loss and mourn unceasing. Tomorrow she will say goodbye.

But first, she has to endure today.

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