Sorry Seems to Be

Willow stared at the piece of paper in front of her. Somehow, using a computer for this task didn't feel right. Too impersonal. She realised that she was chewing the end of her pencil again and stopped. With an air of resolve, she ruled three vertical lines down the sheet and began to write.
'PEOPLE I HAVE HURT' was in column one. 'HOW I CAN SAY SORRY' was column two. A third column was for check marks after each person had received their apology. There - all organised and neat. Deep breath. Start at the beginning.

Column one. 'WARREN'.

The paper burst into flames and the pencil was torn from Willow's fingers to join the sixteen others embedded in the wall in front of her.

Willow took two deep breaths, another sheet of paper and a new pencil from the box beside her. Slight change of plan. She began to write again.


1. See if library has a copy of, 'So You Think You're Safe Because You're Dead? 100 Spells For Tormenting Lost Souls In Hell'.

2. Buy cookies for everyone else in the world. [Willow's lips moved as she did a swift calculation. She erased the last two words and replaced them with, 'in Sunnydale']. (N.B. Check for discount at factory for large order. Poss. free delivery??).

This time the paper just turned red. Or maybe it was the reflection from Willow's eyes....

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