Starting Over

Buffy came through the crypt door and opened her mouth to say hello. Spike waved at her frantically to stay quiet and carried on muttering, "Nineteen thousand, nine hundred and seven, nineteen thousand, nine hundred and eight..."

She waited, puzzled, until he got to, "Twenty thousand and five! Done!"

"Done what?" she asked curiously.

He smiled at her triumphantly. "That's how many bricks there are in the crypt."

Her mouth dropped open. "Life, Spike. Try getting one." She glanced around. "Did you count the ones in the archway?" she asked innocently. "I'd say they were part of this room."

Spike stared at the archway. "I...think so," he said uncertainly. "I - oh, bugger. One, two, three..."

Buffy snickered as she tiptoed away.

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