June 17 2012 Harvey watches Louis and learns something about himself.  Harvey/Mike R 350 words

Stands For

February 27 2012 A piece of Valentine schmoop. Harvey/Mike R 300 words

Breathe Deeply and Smile

February 27 2012 Mike likes work. Harvey/Mike Drabble


February 27 2012 Louis wants Harvey. A lot. He wants a second chance even more. Harvey/Mike, Harvey/Louis NC17 700 words

Three Into One Doesn't Go

October 17 2011
Mike, Harvey, and Louis in a goes as well as you'd imagine. NC17 1300 words  Mike/Harvey/Louis

Desk Job series (BDSM themed, loosely connected fics)

Part One Knot a Problem

October 17 2011 Harvey takes exception to Mike's tie, Mike's habits...everything but Mike himself. NC17 4000 words Mike/Harvey
Part Two Just After Ten

February 27 2012 Mike arrives on time, but that's the only thing that goes to plan. Harvey/Mike 2000 words NC17

The rest of the fics are set anytime once the relationship's been established.


February 27 2012 Harvey doesn't like Mike's haircut. Harvey/Mike 600 words R

Paint it Red

February 27 2012 Mike in lipstick. Harvey/Mike NC17 700 words


October 17 2011 Harvey finds Mike bent over his desk and wonders why. NC17 1700 words Mike/Harvey


October 17 2011 Drabble. Harvey's discovering that Mike's addictive. NC17 Mike/Harvey


October 17 2011 Drabble. Words can mean so much. Mike/Harvey

Normally, Usually

October 17 2011 Drabble. Mike's regretting some hasty words. NC17 Mike/Harvey

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