Warning; the fics on this page may contain slash and consensual incest between brothers; please don't read if this bothers you or you're underage.

Cleansed of Sin

May 10 2011. Drabble, spoilers for 6.19. Castiel reflects on his relationship with Dean. Dean/Castiel

The Difference it Makes

Nov 24 2010. Spoilers for S6 from 6.08. Sam makes Dean an offer at the wrong time. Dean/Sam UST 450 words R


April 18 2009. Set during 5.18. Castiel is torn between two emotions. Dean/Castiel R Drabble.

You Got It

October 4 2009. Dean's got what Sam needs. Spoilers for early S5. Dean/Sam NC17 200 words

Dirty Deeds

January 26 2009. Spanking fic. It's Dean's birthday and Sam has some interesting ideas on how to celebrate. Dean/Sam NC17 750 words.

Brother, Mine

January 18 2009. It's Sam's birthday and Dean wants to remember it this time. Dean/Sam NC17 1900 words

Day by Day

January 18 2009. Warning: explicit torture references. Episode tag for 4.11 Family Remains. Even hell has its moments. Dean, OC NC17 450 words.


November 10 2008. It's Halloween and a young Sam wants candy. Dean, Sam 300 words


September 19 2008. Set during 'Mystery Spot'. Sam tries to deal with Dean's loss. Sam/Dean 400 words. R

My Comfort Still

September 19 2008. Set during Mystery Spot. Sam knows what -- and who -- his weakness is. Sam/Dean 200 words NC17

All I Want

Dec 20 2007 Spoilers for 3.08. Drabble. Christmas Eve and all is calm, all is quiet... sort of.  Dean


Drabble. Dean always fights better when Sam's hurt. Dean, Sam

One Good Turn

Set pre-show. Dean sees someone in need of help and goes to the rescue.  Gen.  Dean 500 words


Drabble. Set immediately following 'The Benders', no real spoilers. Dean has to make Sam see something important. Dean/Sam

Seen It, Done It

Watching porn movies isn't always something you want company for. Dean/Sam R 1400 words


Set during the first episode, no spoilers. I wrote this the morning after the pilot aired. Dean's taking a much-needed shower and Sam's remembering too much. Sam/Dean R 500 words.

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