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“If this demon is able to fully contract its tentacles, we should be able to examine the rash,” Wesley said.

Spike rolled his eyes. “And if it can’t? I wouldn’t get close when they’re waving around like that. Have you seen them? Size of my leg, mate.”

Wesley sighed. “If you’re worried...”

“Worried! Too bloody right I’m worried! Listen; Angel’s help the helpless gig doesn’t involve playing doctor with a Krakoth demon. Thing’s probably just got a sweat rash. Tell it to bugger off and raid a chemist for some deodorant.”

Wesley looked at him and bit his lip. “It might be the excessively humid conditions...Well, I’ll tell him to try soaking in a cool bath and come back tomorrow.”

“That’s my Wes,” Spike said approvingly. “Go tell him and then come right back here.”

“Oh? What for?”

Wesley waited in the doorway, one dark eyebrow arched, his face carefully empty. Spike growled, the sound making Wesley shiver. “Can’t you guess?”

Wes shrugged. “Not much for games,” he said mendaciously. “I’ll just go and talk to him then.”

“And come back.”

It wasn’t a question but Wesley chose to treat it as one. “Possibly. I do have some paperwork to catch up on...”



“Come here.”

Wesley hesitated and then walked over to Spike.


Wesley sat down carefully, not meeting Spike’s eyes. “Look at me, Wes.”  Wes swallowed and obeyed. “You’ll come right back.”

“Yes, Spike”

“You’ll stand in that doorway and strip naked.”

“I –yes, Spike.”

“And then you’ll untie these fucking knots and let me examine you from head to toe.”

Wesley leaned in and kissed the temper away and then grinned at the vampire he’d tied up and left alone for three hours. “Promise not to tickle?”

Spike just looked at him.

“Yes, Spike.”

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