Oh No, More Yoko

A/N Set during the S4 episode ‘The Yoko Factor’ when Tara and Anya hide out in Giles’ bathroom as the others fight.

“I’m glad we came in here,” Tara said, giving Anya a shy look. “I’m not really comfortable with raised voices; too much of that at home, I guess.”

“Oh, I don’t mind the fighting,” Anya said cheerfully, “not when it leads to make-up sex, anyway.” Her lips curved down. “Won’t happen tonight though. We’ll get home and he’ll be all, ‘No one appreciates me! I’m not special! Buffy and Willow...blah, blah...’ and I’ll just fall asleep because that bores me.”

Tara felt disloyal saying it, but after a particularly loud screech from Willow she nodded. “I know. Fighting’s no fun if it’s friends doing it.”

Anya studied her. “We’ve never really had chance to talk have we? You’re pretty quiet most of the time. Is that a lesbian thing? No; can’t be because Willow does nothing but babble on and on, until I wish...umm. No wishing. Never mind.”

“What? No! Willow and I...we’re...”

Anya gave her a look of nicely blended cynicism and surprise. “You’re in love. I can tell. Xander hasn’t noticed, of course. Men. Probably still thinks Willow’s carrying a torch for him.” She gave Tara a swift, narrow-eyed glare. “She isn’t though, right? She had her shot and he’s mine now.”

Tara patted her knee gently. “W-willow’s never said anything about liking Xander like that,” she said reassuringly. “Why would she?”

Anya stared. “Because of the whole, loving him since they were embryos, deal. Not to mention the betraying their loved ones to grope each other in every secluded spot they could find until they were revealed as the lying, cheating, traitorous scum...sorry. Old habits.” She smiled apologetically.

Tara stared at her. “I didn’t – Willow never said...oh!”

Anya returned the pat, letting her hand linger on Tara’s shoulder. “I’m sure she’s over it. It’s just...Spike said...oh, you can’t trust him, though!”

“Said what?” Tara said, moving to sit beside Anya and looking up at her, large eyes wide.

Anya sighed elaborately. “He tried to make me think that Xander was only with me because he couldn’t get Buffy and I was an attempt to make her jealous.” She preened at that. “Do you think she is? Jealous, I mean?”

“No,” Tara snapped. “I don’t. What did Spike say about Willow and Xander?”

“Something vague and poetical about embers fanned to a blaze by a carelessly flung match. Didn’t understand a word of it, to be honest. Oh, and he said Xander was whispering Willow’s name in his sleep every night; you know, when Spike was staying there with him.” Anya bit her lip to stop it from wobbling. “He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t still care about her, would he?”

Tara hugged her. “It doesn’t sound good,” she said, “but at least there’s no reason to think Willow feels anything back.”

“Oh, fine! It’s just me in love with someone who’s in love with someone else, then! Feel better now? Because Spike told me that Buffy told Giles that Willow would never get over Oz. Never. A love that laughs at furriness and homicidal urges? A love for all time.”

“Oz...” Tara’s lips tightened. “He’s gone now.”

“He came back once, he can do it again,” Anya said, not unkindly, just stating a fact. “And when he does...”

“Willow will leave me...”

“Xander will be in despair; no Buffy, no Willow, no Buffy <i>and</i> Willow – and don’t think he hasn’t thought about that, either!” Anya’s eyes gleamed. “You know what we should do?”

“What?” said Tara wincing as a loud thud shook the door, followed by a howl of pain from Giles.

Anya’s hand came up to rest against Tara’s breast and squeezed gently. “Pre-emptive betrayal.”

“Oh, we couldn’t...”

A thumb brushed a hardening nipple and Tara gasped.

“Willow would be so upset...”

Anya curled her tongue against Tara’s earlobe and bit down. “Bonus.”

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