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Light Like Rain

Feb 12 2008. A birthday spanking gives Daniel something to think about. Jack/Daniel R


May 8 2007. Daniel's glasses are cleaner but he's still not seeing what he wants to. Jack/Daniel

Falconer's Voice

May 8 2007. There's a lot in how you say a name. Jack/Daniel

Dead Weight

April 15 2007. A 'The Light' drabble. Jack's opinion of Daniel changes. Jack/Daniel

Stolen Words

April 7 2007. A Lost City drabble. Daniel's waited so long... Jack/Daniel

Slow, Quick, Slow

Dec 19 2006. Jack thinks about the effect Daniel has on him. Jack/Daniel R

Desk Job

Sept 14 2006. Daniel's fantasy isn't perfect, but somehow Jack thinks he can make it work. Jack/Daniel R

Hard Drive

Aug 8 2006. Jack goes snooping and finds himself expected. Jack/Daniel R

Out of Touch

March 23 2006. 'Meridian' drabble. Jack returns to Daniel's bedside to find a change. Jack/Daniel

Never Ever, Really

March 8 2006. When have Jack and Daniel got together? Never. Really.  Jack/Daniel R

Backsliding Away

March 6 2006. Set after 'Need'. Daniel struggling with temptation, but so is Jack. Jack/Daniel

Welcome Home

Feb 21 2006. Set right after the Spacemonkey hug in S2. Jack/Daniel

Million, Billion, Trillion, Squillion

Feb 17 2006. Set after S9's 'Ripple Effect'. Daniel visits Jack with a question. Jack/Daniel

On the Tip of my Tongue

Feb 15 2006. An exploration of a sense. Jack/Daniel R


Feb 6 2006. Jack pays the price for underestimating Daniel. Jack/Daniel

An End to Thought

Jan 29 2006. Theme 'Tabula Rasa'. Contains spanking. Jack knows when Daniel needs a moment of peace and how to give it. Jack/Daniel R


Jan 19 2006. After the events of Lockdown 8.3, Daniel's feeling cross. Jack/Daniel R

Breaking Point

Jan 18 2006. Set in the aftermath of 'Evolution'. Daniel's lasted this long without breaking but enough's enough. Jack/Daniel

Hands Off

Jan 10 2006. Daniel really has to stop touching things. Really does. Jack/Daniel

Spare Him

Dec 12 2005. Episode spoilers for 9.07. Jack learns of the return of an old enemy. Jack/Daniel

Sage Words

Dec 12 2005. Daniel's left speechless, Jack's oblivious. Jack/Daniel

Forget, Yes, Forgive, No

Dec 3 2005. Jack's feeling pangs of guilt over his actions in 'Shades of Grey'. Daniel's not entirely sympathetic. Jack/Daniel

Dear Departed

Nov 30 2005. Set after S1 'Fire and Water'. Daniel finds out how Jack reacted to his death. Jack/Daniel

Going Down

Nov 13 2005. It's a long elevator ride down to the locker rooms... Jack/Daniel

Can See Clearly Now

Sept 30 2005. Jack's face to face with Daniel again but it's not how he'd imagined it. Set during 7.1 Fallen Jack/Daniel

At Your Feet

Sept 21 2005. Daniel's lost in thought and Jack's very close indeed. Jack/Daniel

Better Than All the Rest

Sept 13 2005. Jack's saved the world; but something's still not right. Set after S6 episode Redemption Part Two. Jack/Daniel

Red on White

Sept 7 2005. Set during 'Meridian' as Jack sits beside Daniel and watches him. Jack/Daniel

Described, Defined

Sept 4 2005. Sometimes you have to just let Jack have it his way. Jack/Daniel R

All in the Timing

Aug 26 2005. Jack's settling for what he can get -- but it's not enough. Jack/Daniel


Aug 14 2005. A sudden impulse starts the clock ticking. Jack/Daniel R


Aug 8 2005. Two men  - and two different takes on a question. Jack/Daniel

Hot and Cold

Aug 10 2005. Two linked drabbles. Sometimes being able to see what you want just isn't enough. Jack/Daniel R

Other Pairings/Gen

Marked Up

Spoilers for 10.17 'Talion' Cameron tries to come to terms with what Teal'c did to him. Cameron/Teal'c R

Milk and Cookies

Dec 8 2006. Daniel tries to share the Christmas message with Vala.  Daniel/Vala


Aug 15 2006. A different version of 'The Gamekeeper'. Daniel's focused and it's going to work out next time, sure it is. Daniel

Too Little, Too Late

July 29 2006. Spoilers for 10.1 'Flesh and Blood'. Daniel has a sudden realisation about something and isn't happy. Daniel.


June 3 2006. Teal'c's lost his symbiote but he thinks he's gained a chance at closeness. Teal'c.

Waiting in Silence

June 2 2006. Daniel and Teal'c meditate together, but Daniel's having trouble concentrating. Daniel/Teal'c

Widening World

May 13 2006. Jack steps back through the 'gate with a whole new perspective. Jack

Monkey See

May 12 2006. Jack has fun with Daniel and Sam. His way. Jack, Sam, Daniel

Laugh, and the World Laughs With You

April 24 2006. Teal'c learns the hard way that humour doesn't travel well. Teal'c.

Lesson Learned

Feb 17 2006. Humour. Daniel's words in Prototype come back to haunt him. Cameron/Daniel R

Kiss it Better

Feb 12 2006. Sam's had a hard day, but Janet's there to make it end well. Sam/Janet R

One Last Time

Jan 26 2006. 'Meridian' drabble. Daniel's done this before... but not like this. Daniel.


Jan 20 2006. Set in S1. Teal'c is settling in at the SGC but it's not easy looking the way he does. Teal'c

Too Wide a Net

Jan 18 2006. A crossover with S5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Willow's cast a spell and the results aren't quite what she intended. Sam, Willow

For the Record

Jan 11 2006. Jack's not blind. And Jack's not stupid. Jack, Team


Dec 12 2005. Set during 'Heroes Part Two'. Character death. Daniel's wishing Janet had kept her word, but it's too late now. Daniel/Janet

Show Not Tell

Dec 5 2005. Cameron's hurt and Teal'c makes it better. Or worse. Cameron/Teal'c R

Try, Try Again

Nov 29 2005. Set at the start of S9. Cameron is rehearsing what to say to Teal'c to change his mind. Cameron/Teal'c

Oaks From Little Acorns

Nov 21 2005. Ever wonder where Jack got the 'pushing up Daniel's glasses' idea from? Jack, Rothman


Jack/Daniel Fics

Father Figure

January 18 2009. Jack calls Daniel 'baby' and learns something new. Jack/Daniel NC17 300 words.

First Watch

December 17 2008. Jack watches Daniel sleep. Jack/Daniel R 250 words.

Wait For Me

June 6 2008. Jack and Daniel take a break at the cabin. Jack/Daniel NC17

Hardly Ever

March 21 2008.  Jack discovers the gulf between fantasy and reality. Jack/Daniel 450 words NC17

Early Riser

Dec 7 2007. Jack wants to sleep in but Daniel has other plans. Jack/Daniel 450 words. NC17

Keep it Secret

Feb 27 2007. Jack's got barriers but Daniel walks right through them. Jack/Daniel 250 words.


Oct 13 2006. Jack's got Daniel and he's glad -- but there's still someone he can't quite give up needing and wanting.  Jack/Daniel NC17 1300 words.


Sept 16 2006. Set after 10.9 'Company of Thieves' Episode spoilers. Jack gets a call from Daniel that he'd been expecting. Jack/Daniel  700 words


Aug 14 2006. A S7 fic. Jack returns some of Daniel's belongings - and leaves them both somewhere new. Jack/Daniel 350 words

Cold Calling

July 9 2006. Woken unexpectedly, Jack tries to deal with Daniel, who's got something he wants to say that Jack doesn't want to hear. Jack/Daniel R 3,600


June 29 2006. During a ceremony off-world, the team's attention wanders. Jack/Daniel implied. 900 words

Ritually Speaking

June 23 2006.  Jack's come back from a mission, pierced, bleeding -- and needing something from Daniel. Jack/Daniel NC17 600 words.

Pushed Into It

June 20 2006. Off world, in the water and out of it, Daniel's almost more than Jack can handle. Almost. Jack/Daniel NC17 5,000 words.

Problem Solved

June 18 2006. Sometimes you don't do the right thing; you just do the best you can. Jack/Daniel NC17


June 14 2006. Daniel finds out more than Jack wanted him to, but he's only got himself to blame. Jack/Daniel R 400 words

Far and Near

June 11 2006. Jack's reflecting and Daniel panics -- but gets a chance for payback. Jack/Daniel 1000 words (UST)

The Real Deal

June 3 2006. Jack lies in bed and contemplates his disastrous first time with Daniel. Jack/Daniel R

Fruits of Passion

May 8 2006. Jack's getting ideas and Daniel's the reason why. Jack/Daniel R 200 words.

Still and Silent

May 1 2006. Set mid S7. Daniel's sure he's remembered enough to know why Jack's acting the way he is. Jack's not so sure. Jack/Daniel NC17 6,000 words

In Your Dreams

April 10 2006. Daniel's fantasies about a leather-clad Jack collide with reality. Jack/Daniel R 2300 words.

Missing in Action

April 9 2006. A future fic. Jack's starting to regret what he missed out on, but it might be too late to change some decisions. Jack/Daniel R 850 words.


April 7 2006. A spanking PWP. They're both angry, but there's a chance for a happy ending... Jack/Daniel 1100 words R.

Talking Point

April 7 2006. An alternate version of Daniel's visit to Jack's house in 'Shades of Grey'.  Daniel grabs at what he thinks is the ideal chance to tell Jack how he feels. Jack/Daniel R 2700 words.

Out of Reach

April 3 2006. A twist on the 'Aliens Made Them Do It' cliche. Bondage themes. Jack and Daniel lose something off-world. Jack/Daniel NC17 400 words

Give and Take

April 2 2006. A friendship fic set after Daniel's return in S7. Jack's got Daniel in his face and in his space. Jack, Daniel  2000 words

No Harm Done

March 29 2006. Follows on from S3's 'Maternal Instinct'.  Spanking PWP, as Daniel and Jack fight over whose behaviour was the worst. Jack/Daniel R 2,500 words.


March 23 2006. A companion to Out of Touch set post 'Fallen'. Daniel's starting to remember more than Jack wanted. Jack/Daniel 350 words.

First Times, Times Three

March 16 2006. I was asked to write about Jack and Daniel's first public kiss, hug and hand holding. Jack/Daniel 1500 words.

Serving False Gods

March 7 2006. Set at the start of 'Serpent's Song' with the team lying on the Stargate steps, waiting. Jack/Daniel 350 words


March 1 2006. Jack watches Daniel work and suffers in silence. Jack/Daniel R 400 words


Jan 13 2006. Set after Homecoming 7.2. Daniel's back in his office, but something isn't quite right. Jack, Daniel 900 words

Home Is The Hunter

Jan 13 2006. Jack's back and Daniel wants to make sure he's all in one piece. Not the most serious story. Jack/Daniel R 1100 words.

Away From It All

Jan 11 2006. Some habits are hard to break, even on holiday. Consensual bondage. Jack/Daniel NC17 300 words

A Necessary Silence

Jan 6 2006. Jack needs something from Daniel that's hard to get. Consensual bondage. Jack/Daniel NC17 500 words.

Missing Daniel

Dec 31 2005. A Christmas fic. Jack doesn't know what he wants for Christmas but what he gets both is and isn't it. Jack/Daniel R 2,800 words.

And Nothing Else Matters

Dec 24 2005. A double drabble about kissing and first times. Jack/Daniel R 200 words.

Can't Take the Heat

Dec 12 2005. A PWP featuring a spilled glass of water, a wet, angry Daniel and a confused, angry Jack. Jack/Daniel NC17 4,000 words

Stop Me If You've Heard This One

Dec 4 2005. Jack's good at keeping his feelings to himself; but then, he's got a safe place to vent. Jack/Daniel R 600 words.

Sticky Sweet

Nov 26 2005. Daniel provokes Jack and gets just what he wanted, just how he needs it. Spanking PWP. Jack/Daniel NC17 800 words

Leaving Time

Nov 25 2005. A mission goes wrong, leaving Daniel dying and Jack ready to do anything to save him, no matter what the consequences. Dark. Jack/Daniel NC17 31,000 words.

Behind Glass

Nov 5 2005. Set just after 3.18 'Shades of Grey'. Jack's not sure he can take much more of Daniel being polite. Jack/Daniel 400 words

Crash Course

Oct 30 2005. Set in S2. Daniel and Jack are arguing, fighting, complaining and talking. Same old, same old... except this time they're naked in bed and that changes things a little. Jack/Daniel NC17 15,000 words.

Speed is of the Essence

Sept 30 2005. Jack and Daniel try to keep busy on a long journey. Jack/Daniel  400 words


Sept 8 2005. Set in S7. Daniel's back and he's with Jack -- but it's not as easy as he hopes to pick up where they left off. Jack/Daniel NC17 900 words.

Die For Me, Why Don't You?

Aug 25 2005. Daniel tries to work something out and discovers more about himself and Jack than he bargained for. Jack/Daniel NC17 1000 words.

Final Straw

Aug 22 2005. Jack's trying hard to resist temptation -- but can he resist Daniel? Jack/Daniel R 4,000 words

Other Pairings/Gen Fics


May 28 2009. Teal'c and Cameron deal with the challenges of being stranded on a planet. Teal'c/Cameron R 4200 words.

K is For Knowing

August 8 2008. Hammond reaches a parting of the ways. Hammond. 250 words.

Blood Oranges

July 17 2008. Teal'c relives a painful memory. Teal'c. 300 words.

Parade Rest

November 7 2007. Daniel and Cameron share a moment in full view of just about everyone. Daniel/Cameron R rated. 800 words.

With Brief Thanksgiving

August 22 2007. Fic based around 'Unending' from Cameron's POV. Dark and slightly AU. R rated. 500 words.

Ulysses, Bound

August 16 2007.  Teal'c's thoughts about a desk-bound Jack. Teal'c, Jack 150 words.

Pick Me Up

July 16 2007.  Paul's determined he's not going to let himself get picked up but when Faith stops playing, the games begin. Paul/Faith (SG-1/BtVS crossover) R rated 700 words.

Safety in Numbers

Jan 29 2007 Set mid S7. Sam starts to realise something isn't right but the other three already know what's wrong. Foursome fic. Jack/Daniel/Sam/Teal'c NC17 3,300 words.

Bread and Butter Letters
Dec 15 2006. Set after '48 Hours'  Teal'c finds McKay and... thanks him. Teal'c, McKay 500 words

Stained Glass

Nov 21 2006. Daniel takes Teal'c to a cathedral and gets a reaction he wasn't expecting, but should have.  Daniel, Teal'c 500 words

Five Reasons Mitchell Always Says 'Jackson' Not 'Daniel'

Oct 3 2006. A Five Things fic. Mitchell/Daniel R rated 230 words.

Past a Certain Point

Sept 22 2006. Teal'c and Cameron resolve some issues about self-image. Teal'c/Cameron NC17 1600 words

Dealing With It

Sept 20 2006. Teal'c has his own ways of curbing Cameron's enthusiasm when it gets out of hand. Teal'c/Cameron R (contains spanking) 200 words

Spoken in the Silence

Aug 20 2006. Crossover with The Sentinel. Post-Meridian; Jack's missing Daniel and he turns to Jim Ellison for comfort. But it's been a long time since they met up. Jack/Jim NC17 2000 words

Worlds Collide

June 25 2006. Wesley's only too glad to help out a certain Doctor Jackson with his research. It's just a shame about the lurking vampires and hovering Colonel. Wesley/Daniel (BtVS/SG-1) 1650 words R rated.

Mistaken Identity

June 23 2006. Xander's not sure why Giles wants him to watch the new kid at school, but he's not complaining... Xander/Clone Jack O'Neill (BtVS/SG-1) R rated 400 words.

Girl Talk

June 12 2006. Sam and Janet get drunk, curious, and share more than they'd planned. Sam/Janet R 1900 words.

Buried Dreams

June 2 2006. Crossover fic. MacGyver's sent to an Egyptian dig to investigate some thefts and meets a young Daniel Jackson, whose shadowed past is about to darken his future. MacGyver/Daniel Mild R. 15,000 words.

Up For It

April 24 2006. Vala needs rescuing from a predicament and in the process Cameron and Teal'c reach an understanding. Cameron/Teal'c 3,500 words. R

The Body Remembers

March 22 2006. Set post 'Crusade'; episode spoilers. Daniel's desperate to discover what happened while he was away. Daniel/Mitchell 570 words.

Off Base

March 21 2006. Vala's stir-crazy, Teal'c's sympathetic, and Cameron's doomed. Cameron/Teal'c/Vala implied. 2,000 words.

Gone Fishing

Feb 27 2006. Daniel's entrusted an important duty to Jack, but his motives are obscure. Jack 350 words.

A Friend in Need

Feb 13 2006. A challenge fic; I had to get 56 words into a fic. Not to be taken seriously and set during S9 episode 'Off the Grid'. No spoilers apart from their clothes. Daniel/Mitchell R 450 words

Wearing Thin

Jan 16 2006. Another SG team member finds his life getting mixed up with SG-1's. Original character. 400 words.

Retaliatory Strike

Nov 28 2005. Daniel and Vala end up in bed, but it doesn't go according to plan. Spanking PWP. Daniel/Vala. NC17 1100 words.

Wishful Thinking

Sept 27 2005. Jack tries to get Teal'c to talk and ends up close to regretting it. Jack/Teal'c R 600 words

Spit and Polish

Sept 23 2005. A shared moment of comfort given and received after the end of 1.14 'Cor-Ai'. Jack/Teal'c  800 words.

One on One

Sept 22 2005. Khalek's given Daniel something to think about that he'd rather forget. Spoilers for 9.9 'Prototype'. Daniel/Mitchell NC17 700 words.

Consider the Ostrich

Sept 9 2005. Daniel is inspired and Vala is oddly appreciative. Daniel/Vala 500 words.

The Eclipsed Series

An ongoing series of stories about a relationship between Jack O'Neill and Paul Davis, starting in S5. Contains references to S9.
Each part has three time settings; 'Now' (Season 9), 'Then' (Season 7) and 'Way Back When' (S5). Gradually, they merge into one as the S5 storyline catches up with the S7 one, which blends into the S9 one...

The series is now complete but I've added fics to the basic framwork from time to time; scroll down to see them.

The fic can be read as a single file here:

The Eclipsed Series Complete

Or as chapters:

Part One: Standing in the Shadows

Paul takes a chance and gets a chance. Jack/Paul NC17 12,000 words.

Part Two: Dead Ends

Fighting is getting to be a habit.  Jack/Paul NC17 9,000 words.

Part Three: Awakenings

New starts, new chances, all over the place... Jack/Paul NC17 3,500 words

Part Four: Negotiating

Paul returns to Earth, but it doesn't go as planned. Jack/Paul NC17 4,500 words

Part Five: Retreating

In three different times, they're fighting and missing each other. Jack/Paul NC17 5,000 words.

Part Six: Lost and Found

Daniel's gone, Jack's on ice, Paul's desperate. Jack/Paul NC17 9,500 words.

Part Seven: Renewal

It's either all coming together, or all falling apart. Jack/Paul NC17 4,500 words.

Part Eight: Holding Pattern

This part wraps up the Way Back When and the Then sections. Jack/Paul NC17 6,600 words.

Part Nine: Almost, Nearly There

Penultimate part. Jack and Paul are face to face but still not close. Jack/Paul R 2,200 words

Part Ten: Going Home

Final part. Jack and Paul fight to a finish. Jack/Paul R 3,500 words

Reporting For Duty

Dec 5 2006. A post the Eclipsed series ficlet. Jack and Paul at work. Jack/Paul R 700 words.

Rules of the Game

Feb 19 2006. A drabble set in the 'Way Back When' part of the Eclipsed fic. Jack and Paul play and fight. Call it a draw. R

Knocking at Your Door

March 25 2007. Set post the main fic. Jack and Paul are settling down for the night when there's a knock at the door... R

Banner by Amy; thank you for sharing.

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