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Updated February 27 2012

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Fire and Ash

February 27 2012 They're getting older... Jim/Blair

Crunch Time

October 16 2011 Decisions, decisions... Jim/Blair

Good Boy

April 18 2010. As a child, Jim just wanted to be normal. Jim PG


April 18 2010. Jim's guilt is overwhelming. Jim PG13

Near and Far

April 18 2010. Set after 'Survival'. Jim's seeing stars. Jim/Blair PG13

Blue Skies

November 30 2009 Jim's dealing with a crime scene his way.  Jim

Procrastination and Equivocation

Nov 27 2008. Simon's cigar is starting to look like a carrot. Simon.

Make it So

June 21 2008. Jim's jittery and Blair applies some hands-on comfort. Jim/Blair R

Ice and Emptiness

Dec 20 2007. Jim's drunk and seeing the world through a Sentinel's eyes. Jim/Blair

Call of Duty

Oct 14 2007. There's a reason why Jim's a hero.

Whistle and I'll Come

Oct 14 2007. Challenge: Hairboy. Jim checks a theory (contains spanking reference). Jim/Blair


July 15 2007. Double drabble. Jim's brushing Blair's hair. Jim/Blair.

Lines Drawn

July 15 2007. Double drabble. Historical AU (underage sex implied). Blair's doing lines for being naughty but the head boy's watching over him. Jim/Blair R

Taste Test

May 8 2007. Blair brings out Jim's primitive side. Jim/Blair.

Cat Scratch Fever

May 8 2007. Jim's injured; who should be feeling guilty and isn't? Jim/Blair

Out in the Open

April 22 2007. Some things shouldn't have to wait for privacy and a closed door. Jim/Blair

Love Limned in Ink

March 19 2007. Jim's peeking but he's not really sure what he's looking for. Jim/Blair (UST)

Wouldn't, Couldn't, Shouldn't

February 25 2007. D/s themed. Jim's contemplating the gulf between what he wants and what he can have. Jim/Blair R

Cold Rain Falling

Jan 11 2007. Jim's coming home to an empty loft; ask him if he minds. Jim/Blair

Gift Wrap

Dec 30 2006. Blair's not sure whether this present's going to last long... Jim/Blair R

Study Hour

Nov 21 2006. Blair's testing Jim in new ways. Jim/Blair NC17

Adjusting to Change

Nov 11 2006. Blair's moved in and that's going to take some getting used to. Jim/Blair

Win Some...

Nov 5 2006. Jim's just biding his time to take his revenge. Jim/Blair R

Simple as That

August 23 2006. Blair's full of good advice... Jim/Blair


Search and Rescue

March 18 2011. Crossover with Hawaii Five-0. Jim and Blair come to the rescue of a fledgling sentinel. Jim/Blair, Steve/Danny NC17 14,000 words


November 3 2010. Non-con elements. The sequel to Legacy. Blair's sentence ends and he's forced to leave Jim in prison, at Brackett's mercy. But fate, destiny, or whatever's looking over them has plans. Jim/Blair, Jim/Brackett NC17 30,000 words

Let Him Kiss Me

October 18 2010. Written for Caro Dee's 2010 Moonridge Orgasm Anthology. Jim discovers how wicked Blair's mouth can be. Jim/Blair NC17 190 words


June 1 2010 Spanking fic. Jim's building up the heat. Jim/Blair R 300 words.

A Sneeze of Roses

June 1 2010 Jim's not happy when Blair gets roses. Jim/Blair PG 500 words

Sensing Danger

June 1 2010 Words can get confusing, actions less so.Jim/Blair PG 550 words

Bite Me

April 18 2010. Jim contemplates karma. Jim/Blair R 500 words.

The Art of Lying

April 18 2010. Blair's habit of bending the truth annoys Jim. Jim/Blair R 1800 words.

Some Like it Hot

April 18 2010. Jim and Blair enjoy a heatwave. Jim/Blair NC17 500 words.

The Smuggler and the Scholar

April 18 2010. Historical AU. A smuggler's life changes when he picks up a castaway. Jim/Blair NC17 6,200 words

Following by Example

April 18 2010. Jim and Blair run into some problems taking the final step. Jim/Blair NC17 5000 words

Drive, Baby, Drive

April 18 2010 Jim's in a hurry to get home. Jim/Blair 250 words.

Biker Chic

April 18 2010 Some memories from the past reshape the prsent. Jim/Blair PG 13 1600 words.

Power Surge

April 18 2010 The lights go out -- or get turned on. Jim/Blair R 1600 words.

Sight Unseen

April 18 2010 Blair's sitting by Jim's hospital bed. Jim/Blair 700 words.

Listen to Me

April 18 2010 Set during TSbBS. Simon goes to the wall for Jim. So what's new? Simon, Jim 1000 words.

Make it Better

April 18 2010 Someone's feeling hot. Jim/Blair R 250 words


March 1 2010 AU. A stressed-out Jim takes a break from Vice and hires a hooker. Jim/Blair NC17 1300 words

Playing by the Rules

March 1 2010 Jim's not playing by Blair's rules now. Jim/Blair NC17 1100 words

Mean It

March 1 2010 Blair's dates are getting on Jim's nerves. Jim/Blair  500 words

Why Don't You and I

March 1 2010 Blair's been in the loft a month and wants to know where he stands. Jim/Blair 500 words

In the Details

March 1 2010 Jim/Blair Lifestyle D/s 'verse. A trip to the supermarket doesn't have to be dull. R 1100 words


March 1 2010 Jim/Blair Lifestyle D/s 'verse. Sequel to 'In the Details'. Jim dresses Blair. NC17 1000 words

If Wishes Were Horses

January 21 2010 Pony play AU. Blair meets the perfect pony, but not all introductions run smoothly.  Jim/Blair R 2300 words

More Than Enough

January 21 2010 Set in the Heatstroke 'verse. Jim and Blair turn up the heat. BDSM. Jim/Blair NC17 900words

Come On

January 21 2010 Blair persuades Jim to let him stay in The Debt. Jim/Blair R 400 words

A Scrap of Silk

January 21 2010 Blair gets Jim to try out a new kink; cross dressing. Jim/Blair NC17 1900 words

In Good Company

January 21 2010 A shaman watches his Sentinel work. Jim/Blair 300 words

Admit One/Silently Waiting

December 29 2009 A linked pair of ficlets from Blair, then Jim's, POV. Jim/Blair NC17 1000 words

Topping the List

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'list'. Jim/Blair R 500 words

Jack Frost

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'frosty'. Jim/Blair 500 words

Tied With Tinsel

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'tinsel'. Jim/Blair R 500 words

Choices, Choices

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'Sinterklaas'. Jim/Blair R 500 words


December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'peace'.  Jim/Blair  500 words


December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'Human Rights Day'. Major Crimes 500 words

Santa's Little Helper

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'elves'. Jim/Blair NC17 500 words

Mr. Grinch

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'The Grinch'. Simon 500 words

Home is Where the Heart Is

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'family'.  Jim 500 words

That's a Wrap

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'wrapping paper'. Jim/Blair  500 words


December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'punchbowl'. Jim/Blair R 500 words

Feels Like a Change in the Weather

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'Solstice/Yule'. Jim/Blair R 300 words

Stuck For Words

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'chimney'. Blair, MC 300 words

Paper Wishes

December 29 2009 Seasonal prompt: 'Christmas Eve'. Jim 400 words

Easy to Do

December 11 2009 A Cypher fic.  Jim runs into a problem dealing with Lash. Jim PG13 300 words


December 11 2009 Dark. Jim's reaching his limit but there's always Blair to stop him crossing the line.  Jim/Blair NC17 800 words

Slip of the Pen

December 11 2009 Jim gives away more than good wishes. Jim/Blair PG 220 words

No Smoke Without Fire

November 30 2009. Jim and Blair's tryst is interrupted, but by whom? Jim/Blair NC17 1100 words.

Talk to the Hand

November 30 2009. Spanking fic. Jim and Blair have found a new way to talk. Jim/Blair NC17 500 words.

Sweet as Candy

November 30 2009. A post Halloween PWP. Blair gets creative with a bowl of candy and Jim. Jim/Blair NC17 2600 words.

Immunity Factor

October 20 2009. After all this time, is Blair immune to Jim's charms? Jim/Blair R 1300 words

For the Asking

October 20 2009. Jim knows Blair will always give him what he needs  if he asks just right. Jim/Blair NC17 300 words.


October 4 2009. A year of wanting. Jim/Blair R 450 words

Still, After Years

September 15 2009. Blair finds something surprising as he and Jim pack up their home. Jim/Blair  900 words.

Noli Me Tangere

August 26 2009 You can look, but you can't touch... Jim/Blair NC17 2,800 words

Silent Treatment

August 26 2009 Blair knows just how to hurt Jim -- and how to make amends. Jim/Blair  1100 words

The Dying

August 26 2009  Jim's raging about more that the dying of the night. Jim/Blair NC17 300 words

Crumb of Comfort

July 10 2009. Jim wants socks for his birthday, but Blair thinks that he can do better than that. Jim/Blair R 4000 words.


July 10 2009. The picnic might be canceled; Jim can live with that. Jim/Blair NC17 1200 words.


June 28 2009 Jim's tried, but some feelings can't be denied. Jim/Blair PG13 300 words

Riding Shotgun

May 28 2009 Blair calls shotgun and Jim's confused. Jim/Blair PG 450 words.

Right Before My Eyes

May 28 2009. Blair's looking for his Holy Grail in Sunnydale. Blair/Giles (The Sentinel/BtVS) PG13 650 words.

Creatures of the Night

May 28 2009. Blair's not sure Abby's all she seems to be. Abby/Blair (NCIS/The Sentinel) R 500 words.

One Night Only

May 28 2009. Nick and Cody deal with a stray. Nick/Cody/Blair (Riptide/The Sentinel) R 700 words.

Culture Clash

May 28 2009. Blair's wondering if picking up Australians in bars is a good idea. Blair/Spike (The Sentinel/BtVS) R 650 words

Blanket Permission

April 15 2009 Jim's got some ideas about saving the planet. Jim/Blair 550 words

Endowment Policies

April 15 2009  Bigger is better? Really? Jim/Blair R 200 words

What's New, Pussycat?

March 26 2009 Jim's got a rival. Jim/Blair R 900 words

May Bees

March 26 2009 Jim wakes the morning after, prey to doubts. Jim/Blair  250 words

Filial Obedience

March 3 2009 Jim's more than what his father made him. Jim/Blair R 300 words

Oil and Water

March 3 2009 What if Alex had met up with a different Sandburg? Alex, Naomi 600 words

Crossroad Blues

March 3 2009 Following the events of 'Crossroads', Jim and Blair struggle to reconnect. Jim/Blair NC17 16,500 words

Sparring Partner

March 3 2009 Following 'The Debt' Jim and Earl spend some time getting to know each other better. Jim/Earl Gaines NC17 4,300 words

Natural State

March 3 2009 An episode tag to 'Spare Parts'. Blair takes revenge. Jim/Blair R 800 words

Lucky Day

February 11 2009. It's Rafe's first day and he wants to make a good impression. Rafe, Henri 800 words

I'm Loving It

February 11 2009. A ten-year-old Blair pushes Naomi's limits. Blair, Naomi 300 words

Good For the Soul

February 11 2009. The darker side of Jim comes out in the interrogation room. Jim NC17 500 words

Step on a Crack

February 11 2009. Jim and Blair move past silence to something new. Jim/Blair R 550 words.


January 26 2009. Written for Moonridge 2008. Dark themes. Jim and Blair meet in prison, both convicted, both guilty, both looking for something the other has. 35,000 words NC17

Scarborough Fair

January 26 2009. Blair's moved into the loft and he's shocked at what's lurking in Jim's cupboards. Blair, Jim G

Pump it Up

January 18 2009 Blair goes for a ride. Jim/Blair NC17 1100 words

Wish I May

January 18 2009 Simon tries to give Daryl the perfect gift. Simon 500 words

Wish List

January 18 2009 What does Jim want for Christmas? Jim/Blair 500 words

A Crown of Holly

January 18 2009 Jim A killer spoils Christmas. 200 words


January 18 2009 Snow is cold but Jim and Blair are feeling hot. Jim/Blair words R

Tree Star

January 18 2009 A moment in a forest. Jim/Blair 350 words

Seen by Candlelight

January 18 2009 Jim meditates and finds himself enlightened. Jim/Blair words

For Good Measure

January 18 2009 A drunken Blair is sometimes just what Jim wants. Jim/Blair 500 words R

Miracle on Prospect Street

January 18 2009 Secret Santa shenanigans.Jim/Blair 200 words

The Cattle are Lowing

January 18 2009 Carol singing can be a Sentinel's worst nightmare. Jim, Blair 250 words

Star of Wonder

January 18 2009 Set during Switchman as Blair heads for the hospital. Jim/Blair words


January 18 2009 Blair sometimes talks too much... Jim/Blair 300 words NC17

A Light That Shines

January 18 2009 Blair tells Jim about the menorah candles.  Jim/Blair 450 words

Red Sky

January 18 2009 Solstice and a Sentinel. Jim/Blair 450 words

The Tiny Tim Takedown

January 18 2009 Only Jim would arrest Tiny Tim...Jim/Blair 500 words

Light Dawns

January 18 2009 Jim is annoyed and Blair's just too much to take. or resist. Jim/Blair 700 words

Wash Away my Sins

December 17 2008. Simon stands at a colleague's grave as the rain falls down. (No canon character death). Simon, Jim 500 words.

My World is Pepto-Pink

December 17 2008. Jim, Blair and food. Jim/Blair R 600 words.


Nov 27 2008 Dark fic. Jim's missing and Blair needs someone to fill the gap. Blair/Simon 1500 words NC17


Nov 27 2008 Jim just can't get enough but Blair's exhausted -- and resourceful. Jim/Blair 3000 words NC17

This Hurts Me More

Nov 27 2008 DD (domestic discipline) fic with a twist. Blair's screwed up but it's Jim paying the price. Jim/Blair 450 words NC17

Coals of Fire

Nov 27 2008 DD (domestic discipline) fic set after Cypher. Jim gives Blair a chance at more -- and an ultimatum. Jim/Blair 4500 words NC17

Changing the Rules

Nov 27 2008 Jim's not supposed to move or speak, but there's something he needs to tell Blair.  Jim/Blair 250 words R

Pillow Talk

November 11 2008. Jim moves his bed and his pillows keep falling through the railing. Blair's not sure why. Jim/Blair 850 words NC17

All at Sea (co-written with Wesleysgirl)

November 10 2008 Jim and Blair take a trip away and take the first step on another journey doing it. Jim/Blair 23,000 words NC17

The Observer

November 10 2008 Jim gets in more trouble than he expected when he eavesdrops on Blair with a lover. Jim/Blair, Blair/OFC 1300 words. NC17

Boxed In

November 10 2008 Being in a relationship with Jim means that Blair has to give up some things. Jim/Blair 550 words R


November 10 2008 Blair's having trouble keeping Jim's birthday present secret. Jim, Blair, Simon  500 words.

Bear Hug

October 12 2008. Blair and Simon get close--very close--in a tight situation. Blair, Simon. 1300 words.

Key Player

October 12 2008. Simon's no Sentinel, but he still manages to get the job done. Simon, Daryl. 300 words.


October 12 2008.  Jim's trying hard not to give into his impulses when it comes to Blair. Jim/Blair 400 words. R

Pulp Fiction

October 12 2008. Another fishing trip, another cunning plan. Jim/Blair 800 words. R.

Solo Flight

September 19 2008. Blair challenges himself to go without sex for a month and Jim suffers. Jim/Blair 6000 words. NC17

Snake in the Grass

September 19 2008. Blair's past comes back to haunt him, but he's got troubles in the present, too. [Contains reference to Blair getting raped as a teenager by an older boy. ] Jim/Blair 3000 words  NC17

A Marked Man

August 8 2008. Blair watches Jim work out -- and he's not the only one looking. Jim/Blair 550 words NC17

Summer Loving

August 8 2008. Jim and Blair turn up the heat. Jim/Blair 350 words.

Cruel to be Kind

July 24 2008. Spanking PWP. Sometimes, when you can't get what you need, you have to help yourself. Jim/Blair NC17

A Waiting Pause

July 24 2008. Episode tag to Dead Drop. Five seconds is a long time. Jim/Blair (UST)

A Mile in Your Shoes

July 21 2008. Written for Bluebrocade for Moonridge '07. Jim and Blair wake up in each other's body. And, no, it's not Friday. Jim/Blair NC17 27,500 words.

A Man's Reach

July 17 2008. Jim watches Blair struggle to get something and enjoys the view. Jim/Blair 500 words.

Nibbled to Death by Ducks

July 17 2008. A tag to Cypher. Blair returns to the scene of the crime. Jim, Blair 350 words.


June 29 2008. A SenToo fix fic. Jim/Blair R 650 words

Something New

June 29 2008. Weddings can be stressful as Blair's discovering to his cost. Jim/Blair 800 words

First to Last

June 29 2008. Spanking fic. Jim's over Blair's knee, waiting for that first contact. Jim/Blair NC17 700 words

Light a Candle

June 21 2008. Blair's meditating and Jim's bored. Jim/Blair R 400 words.

Bucket and Spade

June 21 2007. Jim and Blair at the beach, shortly after 'The Rig'. Jim/Blair 650 words.

What Satisfaction

June 17 2008. Blair's in one hell of a hurry. Jim/Blair NC17 1000 words.


June 4 2008. Jim's a generous man -- and he's giving Blair more than Blair realizes. Jim/Carolyn mentioned, Jim/Blair NC17 1300 words.

Set You Free

June 4 2008. Carolyn reflects on a white lie or two. Jim/Carolyn R 450 words.

Look After This Bear

June 4 2008. Blair meets a bear from Darkest Peru. Yes, that one. Blair, Paddington Bear 200 words.


May 12 2008  Jim's the one getting spanked, but they're both hurting.Jim/Blair 500 words. NC17

Sleight of Hand

May 12 2008 Blair wants a birthday spanking. Wants to give one, that is. Jim/Blair 2200 words. NC17

Trust Me

May 12 2008  Trust between partners is a beautiful thing. Really. Jim/Blair 550 words. R.


May 1 2008. New haircut day... Jim/Blair R 250 words.

Judge and Jury

May 1 2008. Blair's hurt; who's to blame? Jim/Blair  130 words.

Finding Meaning

May 1 2008. So just what does Jim's Chopec name mean, anyway? Jim/Blair R 650 words.

Ten Green Bottles

May 1 2008. Dialog only fic. Jim and Blair discuss parents, father figures and so much more. Jim/Blair R 850 words.

Hard to Please

April 10 2008. It's just three words; why can't Blair get them right? Jim/Blair R 200 words.

Rumor, Meet Reality

April 5 2008.  Jim listens to gossip about Blair and contemplates the truth behind it. Jim/Blair (pre-slash) R 500 words.

For Blair

April 5 2008. It's Blair's first birthday, looked at one way, and Jim wants to make it a special one. Jim/Blair R 1800 words.

T For Two

April 5 2008. One of Blair's tests leads to some insights into Jim. or what tropical fruit he's like, anyway... Jim/Blair 500 words.

Letting Go

March 21 2008. Contains reference to spanking/mild bondage. Jim and Blair have worked out a good way to deal with stress. Jim/Blair NC17 350 words.

L'Amour, Toujours

March 21 2008. Blair's teaching himself the language of love. Jim/Blair R 250 words

Vulcans Like Spinach

March 11 2008.  Some conversations just say it all. Jim/Blair UST 400 words.

Progress Report

March 11 2008. Someone played Cupid for Jim and Blair -- but she never meant to. Jim/Blair, Blair/canon female  600 words.

Snap To It

February 25 2008. Jim's upset by some overheard gossip. Jim/Blair 550 words. R rated.

Prey To Regrets

February 25 2008. An AU, angsty version of TSbBS. Jim/Blair  450 words.

Touch Too Much

February 19 2008. Blair takes Jim to task over something and turns his world upside down. Jim/Blair (pre-slash) 650 words.

Borrowed Time

February 19 2008. Post TSbBS Jim gives a lot away with a single word. Jim/Blair, Simon POV 550 words.

Red Light

February 12 2008. Desperate Housewives crossover PWP. One rainy night, Jim pulls over a speeding driver and gets made an offer he can't refuse. Jim/Karl Mayer 4900 words. NC17

Playing it Safe

February 12 2008. Post TSbBS. Simon's watching Jim at a crime scene and gritting his teeth.  Simon, Jim  450 words.

Knowing Me, Knowing You

February 12 2008. Jim's doing his best to be sympathetic, but it's not easy. Jim/Blair 1,100 words. R

Mood Swings

February 12 2008. Jim and Blair are fighting and it's killing Jim. Jim/Blair 450 words.


February 12 2008. Blair's trying to convince himself but Jim's the one he needs to talk to. Jim/Blair 185 words. UST

Delayed Reaction

January 25 2008. Jim's making Blair wait, but he's the one suffering. Jim/Blair 300 words. Mild bondage. NC17

Compare and Contrast

January 25 2008. Blair sees something he's been wondering about. Jim/Blair 350 words. Pre-slash. R


January 16 2008. Cascade's basking in a heatwave but Blair's got his own reasons for wanting it to rain. Jim/Blair 600 words. Dark, contains references to consensual s/m. NC17

A Persistent Approach

January16 2008. Jim's trying hard to get a message over. Maybe too hard. Jim/Blair 400 words.

Resolutions Were Made To Be Broken

January 10 2008. Jim's using the new year to examine some puzzling reactions he's having. Jim/Blair 400 words. R


December 26 2007. Jim's forced to stand under the mistletoe but the one he wants to kiss isn't around. Jim/Blair 1000 words. R

Naughty but Nice

December 26 2007. Who's on the naughty list? Jim/Blair 425 words.


December 26 2007. Jim and Blair celebrate the longest night. Jim/Blair 500 words. NC17

Tree Topper

December 26 2007. Blair and a tree tangle and Jim deals with the aftermath. Jim/Blair 500 words. R

No Crib For a Bed

December 26 2007. Set during The Debt. Jim discovers that having Blair around is a lot of temptation. Jim/Blair 500 words. R

Starting Point

December 26 2007. It all has to begin somewhere. Jim/Blair 500 words.

Starry Eyed

December 26 2007. Jim and Blair look up at the stars, but what they wish for is closer than that. Jim/Blair 500 words.

Making Amends

December 26 2007. Simon uses a gift exchange to close a rift. Simon, Jim/Blair 500 words.

Wreathed in Smiles

December 26 2007. Blair gets hurt and Jim kisses it better. Jim/Blair 500 words.

Berry Bright

December 26 2007. Jim's jealous and he's not the only one. Jim/Blair 500 words. R

With Bells On

December 26 2007. Contains spanking reference. Blair's peeked at the presents early and Jim's noticed. Jim/Blair 500 words. NC17

One Bad Apple

December 26 2007. Cider's one of Jim's favorite drinks; or it was. Jim, Blair 500 words.

A Winning Streak

December 26 2007. Blair teaches Jim how to spin a dreidel. Jim/Blair 200 words.

Many a Slip

December 26 2007. A darker Christmas miracle. Jim, Blair 500 words.

With Every Christmas Card I Write

December 26 2007. Jim's writing cards and Blair's trying to build bridges. Jim, Blair 500 words.

Cookie Crumbs

December 26 2007. Jim helps Blair out. Jim/Blair 500 words.

Tied Up With a Bow

December 26 2007. Contains spanking. Jim's just looking for a quiet evening in, but things don't go to plan. Jim/Blair 5600 words. NC17

Letter of the Law

December 20 2007. Jim deals with a threat to Blair in his own way. Jim/Blair 900 words.

A Quiet Life

December 6 2007. Set pre-show. Jim's working late and enjoying the peace -- sort of. Jim  380 words.

Bottled Courage

November 17 2007. Jim wants to get Blair drunk for reasons of his own. Jim/Blair  300 words.


November 17 2007. Dark. What if the Sentinel/Guide bond existed and what if Jim and Blair were straight? Jim/Blair  1800 words. NC17

Contrary to Expectations

November 7 2007. Jim and Blair share some secrets -- and keep others. Jim/Blair  1500 words. R

Rag and Bone

October 26 2007. Written for the Spook-me Ficathon. Jim and Blair are working a homicide with unusual  complications, and the murderer is closer than they realise. Jim/Blair  21,000 words. NC17

Car Trouble

October 26 2007. Set after 'Love and Guns'. Blair's mechanic is placed in an awkward position. Jim/Blair  1300 words.

Apple Cores

September 28 2007. Blair's room is messy and Jim's not pleased. But there's method in Blair's mess. Jim/Blair  700 words.

Told You So

September 26 2007. Blair's furious and covered in blood. Can it end happily? Jim hopes so. Jim/Blair 600 words.

Giddy Up

September 5 2007. Blair's got ideas for an alternate career for Jim. Jim/Blair 300 words.

Fear of Dying

August 27 2007. What's Jim scared of? Jim/Blair 300 words.

Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

August 27 2007. Jim's senses are spiking and Blair's not helping. Jim/Blair 550 words.

Time's Making Changes

August 22 2007. Blair looks different but inside? Just the same.  Jim, Blair 300 words.

Let the Rain Come Down

August 16 2007.  Written for Moonridge and Carodee's Orgasm Anthology. Jim's showering with Blair -- sort of. Jim/Blair NC17 150 words

Show and Tell

August 5 2007. A frustrated Blair tries to make Jim listen to what he has to say and ends up showing him instead. Jim/Blair NC17 1300 words.

Cookie Exchange

August 5 2007. Blair makes a mess and Jim makes amends. Jim, Blair 400 words.

Thoughts of a Drowning Man

July 20 2007. PWP. Blair's finding out he likes it when Jim's pushed over the line. Jim/Blair 1000 words. NC17.


July 20 2007. A sequel of sorts to Brushstrokes. Who has the power; the person asking, or the person granting? Jim/Blair 350 words.


July 7 2007. Written for Ponders Life who won the fic in the Sweet Charity auction.  Jim and Blair have been apart for seven years but Blair's unable to move on with his life. Then the wish of a dying friend brings his path and Jim's together again and suddenly a second chance is right there. Or maybe out of reach. Jim/Blair R 33,000 words.

Walk Away

June 27 2007. Theme: distance. Blair's annoyed and Jim's puzzled. Jim, Blair PG 450 words.

Alley Cat

June 22 2007. PWP for the Wall Sex Challenge. Blair finds something of Jim's and it leads to a recreation of the past that might be too much for both of them -- or just what they need. Jim/Blair NC17 2300 words.


June 22 2007 Jim's just given Blair what he asked for but he's curious about why. Spanking. Jim/Blair NC17 800 words.

Sweet Regret

June 22 2007 An episode tag to Red Ice. Micki and Katrina get closer over vodka and discuss betrayal. Micki/Katrina NC17 450 words.

With a Word

June 10 2007. PWP. A hot, tired Jim comes home to find a hot, waiting Blair. Jim/Blair NC17 1500 words.

Kiss, Kiss

June 10 2007. Two short ficlets about kisses. Jim/Blair NC17 500 words

Out Came the Sun

May 28 2007. Humour. Blair faces a monster and Jim tries to be a hero. Jim/Blair R 700 words

Five Times Against the Pillar

May 28 2007. A Five Times fic featuring the pillar in the loft. Last one has spanking. Jim/Blair NC17 overall 1000 words.

From Pillar to Post

May 21 2007.  Jim and Blair are off fishing when a phonecall from Gustavo Alcante disrupts their day dramatically.  Jim/Blair mild R 10,500 words.

Goodnight, Sweetheart

May 18, 2007. Jim's drifting off to sleep when he remembers something he's forgotten to do. Jim/Blair PG13 300 words.

Under Lock and Key

May 17 2007. Prisoner X based fic. Jim's finding out just how badly a Sentinel reacts to being in prison. Jim PG 275 words.

Standard Operating Procedure

May 11 2007. Set at the end of 'Cypher' Blair's thoughts as he waits to find out who won the fight. Jim/Blair (UST) 500 words mild R.

At a Word

May 8 2007. Set at the start of 'Love and Guns' Blair's reaction to the shootout surprises Jim. Humour. Jim/Blair 700 words mild R.

Only Words

April 24 2007.  A snippet of h/c set during 'Sweet Science'. Jim's offering Blair so much more than a shoulder to cry on. Jim/Blair UST 160 words.

Nick of Time

April 22 2007. Set at the end of Siege. There are a lot of reasons Jim goes after the helicopter to save Blair. Jim, Blair 350 words.

Look, Don't Touch

 April 6 2007 PWP Blair's peeking, Jim's annoyed -- but maybe not for the reason Blair thinks. Jim/Blair NC17 2,300 words

Kiss Proof

March 25 2007. Blair's mouth's always appealed to Jim but add in lipstick and Jim's lost for words. Jim/Blair NC17 400 words.

Buttoned Up

March 7 2007. Blair's having one of those mornings but Jim's right there to help. Jim, Blair 800 words

Don't Say a Word

Jim's feeling tired. Really tired. Blair in his bed is the last straw. Jim/Blair R 700 words.

Take a Chance

March 5 2007. For some the window of opportunity closes fast; for others it's always going to be there. Jim/Blair R 500 words.

Love Hurts

Feb 24 2007. Jim decides it's time Blair learned some self-defence moves... Jim/Blair R 4,300 words.

Confession Time

Feb 21 2007. A misunderstanding brings Jim and Blair's relationship to the edge of disaster. Dark.  Jim/Blair NC17 11,000 words.

Reprisals and Reparations

Feb 21 2007. Jim breaks an all-important guy rule and has to pay the price. Jim/Blair R 2,500 words.

Fair Play

Feb 11 2007. Set post series, spanking theme. It's Blair's birthday but Jim's not sure he can give Blair what he wants. Jim/Blair R 3,800 words.

Love Letter

Feb 4 2007. Set early S1. Blair gives Jim something precious. Even if he might have an ulterior motive. Jim/Blair PG13 800 words (pre-slash).

Peace and Quiet

Feb 1 2007. Jim wants something from Blair. Something really important. Jim/Blair  R 2700 words.

Jungle Fever

January 23 2007. Blair has a deadline and Jim has other plans. Jim/Blair NC17 2,600 words

Coming Out in the Wash

January 17 2007. Blair is shocked by what Jim does with his socks. Jim, Blair 600 words.

Smoothing it Over

January 16 2007. After the loft gets shot up in 'Secret' Jim has something he needs to do. Jim/Blair 600 words.

Rushing In

January 16 2007. Jim and Blair have got closer but they're not in a rush. Maybe. Jim/Blair 650 words.

Picture This

Jan 15 2007. Jim finds that watching porn with Blair is surprisingly revealing. Jim/Blair R


Jan 8 2007. Jim's turn to do the washing... and Blair's laundry needs it. Jim/Blair NC17

Tested to Destruction

Jan 7 2007. Suppose there were sensory lines and limits a Sentinel shouldn't cross? And suppose a Guide and a Sentinel both got curious? Dark. Jim/Blair NC17

With Love

Jan 4 2007. Crossover with BtVS. Blair gets a present for Jim... but Ethan Rayne's not a good source for Christmas cheer. Jim/Blair NC17 10, 500 words


Dec 25 2006. Jim and Blair are stuck in the truck with the snow falling... time to think of a way to pass the time. Jim/Blair NC17 2100 words

Kindling a Spark

Dec 25 2006. Christmas Yule log fic. Blair knows where the traditions come from but Jim knows how to make it personal. Jim/Blair R 350 words

Lighting the Darkness

Dec 25 2006. There are times when all it takes is something small...  Jim, Blair 500 words

Red and White

Dec 25 2006. Christmas fic. Jim finds Blair in the elevator. Again. Jim/Blair 500 words

Ring Out, Wild Bells

Dec 25 2006. Christmas fic. What does Blair want Jim to do? Is it nice or is it naughty? Jim, Blair 500 words

Silenced Night

Dec 25 2006. Jim's sense of hearing is lost and so is he. Jim/Blair 500 words

Snowflakes Fall

Dec 25 2006. Jim watches the snow -- and Blair -- and contemplates perfection. Jim/Blair 250 words

The Rising of the Sun

Dec 25 2006. Christmas fic. Jim's exhausted as the sun rises, but Blair's there to help. Jim, Blair UST. 500 words.

Truth Be Told

Dec 16 2006. Set early in S1. Simon pays Jim a visit with a difficult question to ask. Jim/Blair 500 words

Lost and Found

Dec 15 2006. Blair's tired of secrets, tired of not talking, tired of waiting. None of which is good news for Jim.  Jim/Blair NC17 10,500 words

Mine, All Mine


Dec 7 2006. Blair's visiting Jim in hospital, but he's the one hurting. Jim/Blair (pre-relationship) R 1500 words

Liar, Liar

Dec 2 2006. Megan looks on as a drinking game reveals secrets not answers. Jim/Blair  600 words.


Nov 28 2006. Blair's getting ready for a date and Jim's... watching.  Jim/Blair (UST) R 1700 words.

Whisper Sweet Nothings

Nov 25 2006. Pillow talk; a small slice of schmoop. Jim/Blair R 400 words.

Suits You
Nov 24 2006. Blair gets curious, Jim gets annoyed. And then he gets... creative. Jim/Blair NC17 2,100 words

Slipping Free

Nov 16 2006. You think you know what you want, and maybe you do. But once you know why, it all might change. Consensual bondage Jim/Blair NC17 2,400 words.

You May, I Say

Nov 9 2006. Sometimes,even knowing what's going to happen feels good doesn't help. (References to fisting) Jim/Blair NC17 600

Flying Into the Black


Nov 8 2006. Lieutenant Womack's got problems. His senses are going wild and he's got people who want him dead. Then he's offered help; but Sandburg just seems like one more problem to deal with... The Sentinelverse/Firefly NC17 WIP 3,500 words

In Darkness, Waiting

Oct 30 2006. Jim's lost for words. Some words, anyway. Consensual bondage. Jim/Blair NC17 900 words

Second Time Around

Oct 17 2006. Blair's trying something to make Jim notice him but it's just not working. (Warning: use of nipple clamps by Blair on himself) Jim/Blair NC17 3,200 words

Return Favour

Oct 10 2006. Set after the opening scene in Rogue 1.07. Just what made Jim change his mind about giving the speech? Jim/Blair NC17 700 words

Take Your Time

Sept 28 2006. One kiss and it all changes... maybe too much. Jim/Blair R 400 words

Looking In

Sept 18 2006. Sometimes when you're giving comfort, you get it in return. Blair, Simon 1600 words

Alone Times One

Sept 9 2006. Jim can't take it any more. It's just too good. Jim/Blair R 200 words

Reaching Out


Sept 5 2006. A first time fic. Sometimes what you're reaching for is something you want. Sometimes, it's a means to an end. Jim/Blair 7500 words NC17

Honey and Lemon

Sept 1 2006. Jim has a cold, but Blair's the one suffering. Jim/Blair 500 words.

Plain to See

Aug 22 2006. There's something to be said for keeping quiet about some things. Jim/Blair (UST) 600 words

Spoken in the Silence

Aug 20 2006. Crossover with SG-1. Jack O'Neill's mourning Daniel and Jim's there for him. But it's been a long time... Jack O'Neill/Jim NC17 2000 words

Dead of the Night

Aug 9 2006. An episode tag to 3.13 'Mirror Image' Blair is dreaming and Jim is wide awake.  Jim/Blair 700 words


Point of Contact

This is an AU fic set in present day, with Jim the owner of an escort agency and Blair a client who orders a female hooker and gets Jim instead. The pairing is Jim/Blair, with obvious references to Jim with other characters, and it's NC17 with warnings for D/s themes, spanking, and mild bondage.

It can be read as a single story here: Point of Contact

It has been beta read by T Verano, for which much thanks.

Point of Contact Part One

March 13 2007. AU, contains spanking. A frustrated Blair orders a hooker for his birthday. He thinks there's been a mistake when a man shows up but if Jim isn't what Blair wanted, he's exactly what he needs.  11,500 words.

Point of Contact Part Two

March 25 2007. Jim's been expecting a phone call from Blair but when it comes, Blair surprises him.  2,300 words.

Point of Contact Part Three

March 30 2007. This time, it's Jim at Blair's door, but it's still not that simple to give either of them what they want. 6,200 words.

Point of Contact Part Four

April 15 2007. The rules have changed but they're both still breaking them.  6,200 words.

Point of Contact Part Five

April 24 2007. They're in the loft, they're naked, and the barriers are coming down -- slowly. Mild bondage.  6,100 words.

Point of Contact Part Six

May 8 2007. Still naked, still not listening to each other. Mild bondage, nipple clamps.  8,500 words.

Point of Contact Part Seven

May 11 2007. Pancakes, shower smut, and the morning after blues.  4,100 words.

Point of Contact Part Eight

June 30 2007. Lunch doesn't go quite as planned but what comes afterwards does.   7000 words.

Point of Contact Part Nine

August 1 2007. Blair gets brave and Jim stays -- mostly -- patient.   7700 words.

Point of Contact Part Ten

August 16 2007. Blair decides to make some changes in his life.   3800 words.

Point of Contact Part Eleven

August 22 2007. Simon and Blair finally meet and Simon fills Blair in on Jim's past.   8000 words.

Point of Contact Part Twelve

August 29 2007. Jim returns home and confronts Simon, then Blair.   4500 words.

Point of Contact Part Thirteen

September 26 2007. Jim and Blair talk and come to an understanding of sorts.   6000 words.

Point of Contact Part Fourteen

September 28 2007. Jim takes Blair to Club Z.   9000 words.

Point of Contact Part Fifteen

September 26 2007. At the club,

Point of Contact Part Sixteen

September 28 2007. An ending and a new beginning.

Point of Order

November 30 2009 An interlude set six months later. Jim and Blair are learning how to play nicely with each other. Jim/Blair NC17 1200 words.

Loss of Contact

December 13 2009 The sequel to Point of Contact. Jim's dealing with a client who has a troubled past and Blair's trying to cope with his feelings about that. 36,000 words Jim/Blair NC17

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