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Fandoms vidded:

The Sentinel
Stargate SG-1
SG-1/BtVS crossover

Page updated August 26 2009.


I Touch Myself

November 2010 Shawn knows how he feels about Carlton Lassiter. Set to the The Divinyls song 'I Touch Myself'.

Slash Shawn/Lassiter

28 MB wmv

The Sentinel

Stacy's Dad

August 2009.  Blair's got a confession to make to Maya. Set to the Uncle Izzy song 'Stacy's Dad'.

Humor/Slash (Jim/Blair)

30MB wmv

Hear It Loud

December 6 2007. Sometimes a Sentinel's life isn't easy. Set to the KISS song 'Hear It Loud'.


14 MB wmv

Stray Cat Strut

September 1 2007. Blair's chasing women, Jim's watching, bemused. Set to the Stray Cats' song 'Stray Cat Strut'.


20 MB wmv

Paint it Black


August 1 2007. A Jim/Blair vid based around the Sentinel, Too arc to the Rolling Stones' song 'Paint it Black'.


18 MB wmv

You Take My Breath Away

July 16 2007. A Jim/Blair vid about obsession to the Queen song 'You Take My Breath Away'.


24 MB wmv

Scarborough Fair

April 22 2007. A Jim/Veronica, Jim/Lila, /Jim/Blair vid about betrayal to the Queensryche version of Scarborough Fair.


10MB wmv

Stuck in the Middle With You


March 25 2007. A Simon vid to Stealers Wheel's 'Stuck in the Middle With You'.


Image by Lit Gal.

22 MB wmv

Best Friend

jim blair

March 5 2007. A Jim/Blair vid to Queen's 'You're My Best Friend' from Blair's POV.

Pure schmoop.

Image by Raindrop Jewel.

18MB wmv

Welcome to the Jungle


Feb 1 2007. A Sentinel vid to the Guns 'n Roses song 'Welcome to the Jungle'

The city's taking its toll on Jim.

Image by Sallymn.

28 MB wmv.

Tainted Love

A Jim/Blair vid set to Soft Cell's Tainted Love. What do you do when the man you love wants something you can't give him? Angst/slash.

Image by Sori1773

19MB, wmv

Stargate SG-1

Brothers in Arms

Teal'c/Jack to the Dire Straits song 'Brothers in Arms'

Teal'c's left the world he knows, but his new life has someone worthy to be called  a friend -- and more.

Many thanks to Barkley for betaing. Image by Pax89.

30 MB wmv.


A vid celebrating Sam Carter's abilities set to the Kim Possible song, 'It's Just You'.  Image by Pax89.

Spoiler warning: Contains clips to the end of S9 of SG-1.

16.5 MB, wmv.

Do The Math

A series of captioned stills set to Bryan Adams, 'Everything I Do' commenting on the moment in Urgo when Jack and Daniel are very, very close. Image by Thefakeheadline.

7 MB, wmv


This could be seen as a companion to the Eclipsed series. Paul/Jack/Daniel set to 'Creep' by Radiohead. Lyrics contain swearing. Image by Whisper99.

Paul wants Jack, Jack wants Daniel; someone's going to end up unhappy.

Many thanks to Or Mabinogi for the beta.


25.1 MB, wmv

Say the Word

Jack/Daniel. Bright song; angsty vid. From the Kim Possible soundtrack. Image by Thefakeheadline.

Jack will do everything for Daniel but it's all a bit too much...until there's something Daniel really needs.

18 MB wmv


Ships That Cross

A crossover vid set to The Ramones, 'Rock and Roll High School'. There's a new student at Sunnydale and Xander's finding out that he's got a lot in common with Jack O'Neill. Image by Katekat1010

15 MB, wmv


I'm In Love With My Car

A Supernatural vid set to Queen's 'I'm In Love With My Car'.  Image by Wesleysgirl.

The Impala's cool and Dean's hot.

19 MB, wmv

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