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Visiting Hours

Jan 24 2007. Rodney gets a visitor when he's sick who makes him feel much better. McKay, Sheppard

Flowers For Rodney

Dec 12 2006. *Episode spoilers for 'The Tao of Rodney' 3.14* McKay deals with the aftermath of events. McKay

Cutting Edge

April 12 2006. Where does the power lie in Atlantis? OC


Feb 14 2006. Sheppard's trying hard to get a message across... McKay/Sheppard

Stray Cat

Oct 5 2005. Ronon's on the verge of leaving Atlantis when something changes his mind. Ronon


Oct 1 2005. An AU twist on 2.10 'The Lost Boys'. Character deaths. Ronon

Named and Claimed

Sept 30 2005. Sheppard can't believe his ears...  McKay/Sheppard

Make Yourself at Home

Sept 29 2005. Zelenka is feeling left out. Zelenka


Fruit Salad

August 8 2008. McKay and Sheppard bickering in bed. That's all. McKay/Sheppard 550 words R

With Sugar on Top

March 21 2008. Sheppard's apologizing for lemon-related crimes. McKay/Sheppard NC17 300 words.

Forgiven and Forgotten

Jan 5 2007. Sheppard's said something he shouldn't have but McKay's hard to apologize to. McKay/Sheppard 1900 words.

Edging Closer

Dec 8 2006. *Episode spoilers for 'Irresponsible' 3.13* Third in the series of vaguely D/s Sheppard/Ronon fics, coming after
Line of Command and Feeling Fine. Sheppard/Ronon NC17 1000 words.

Feeling Fine

August 26 2006. A vague sequel to Line of Command; contains episode spoilers for S3's 'Common Ground'. Ronon tells Sheppard how he feels and John returns the favour. Sheppard/Ronon  R 500 words.

Line of Command

August 18 2006. It's taken Sheppard a while, but he's figured out something about Ronon. He's his. Sheppard/Ronon R 800 words.

Burning Bridges

April 9 2006. McKay's desperate enough to take direct action to get Sheppard's attention, but it might be a big mistake. Huge. McKay/Sheppard R 2,500 words.

Same Old Song and Dance

Feb 24 2006. Just why are the Stargates round anyway? McKay/Sheppard 600 words.

Behind You All The Way

Feb 11 2006. Set mid Season One. Sheppard's suffering from something he wants being just out of reach. Ford/Sheppard R 3,000 words.


Dec 13 2005. Set after 'Grace Under Pressure' 2.14; episode spoilers. McKay needs someone to talk to. Mckay/Sheppard. 700 words.

Fighting Chance

Sept 26 2005. A contest of strength becomes a chance to share. Set during 2.10 'The Lost Boys'.  McKay/Sheppard R rated. 2,800 words.

In A Moment

Sept 21 2005. It's going to be a long journey back to Atlantis. Spoilers for 1.12 'The Defiant One' McKay/Sheppard  1400 words.

Fair Swap

Sept 14 2005. A cave-in fic, of sorts. Ford is curious, McKay is baffled, Sheppard is on the spot. McKay/Sheppard R 350 words

Seven Minutes Out

An illuminating conversation on the chopper ride into the base during 'Rising'. Sheppard, O'Neill 450 words.

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