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A Hero's Reward
Theme: eyes. Xander fights a terrible beast in the graveyard and it ends on a terrible pun...

A Lick and a Promise
Theme: food. Three points of view; which is correct? As Buffy licks at her popsicle, anything's possible. Buffy/Spike.

A Waking Man

Giles wakes after 'Band Candy' with a host of regrets. Giles/Ethan (Slash).

Accept No Substitutes

Giles leaves Wesley in charge of the library with consequences no one expected. Well, Wesley didn't... Wesley/Ethan

Ad Astra
Giles helps a student but it all goes horribly wrong...

Ad-libs and Other Absurdities
Theme: accidental confession. Wesley proves that a lie can carry within it the seeds of truth. Wesley.

Giles returns home after Jenny's death but finds life can't just go on. Not yet.

Always and Forever

Angel gave Buffy a book for her birthday in 'Helpless' but it was so much more than that. Angel/Buffy.

At Knifepoint
Written for the Sunday100; theme - games. Angelus doesn't just bend the rules. Angelus/Spike

Blinded by the Light
Written for the Sunday100: theme- weather. Set during 'Harsh Light of Day'. Spike sees daylight for the first time in a long time.

Bored Now
R rated. Spike's standing in front of a naked Buffy but why isn't he happy? Spike/Buffy

Born to Trouble

Theme; beginnings. Rising from a grave is a new start, but it might not be the start of much.

Break Me
R rated. Some people never learn, never break, never give in...but Angelus keeps trying with Spike. Spike/Angelus.

By My Hand

Set during an AU 'Crush'. Spike is gone and Buffy is left desolate.. Character death. Buffy/Spike

Consider it Sold
Theme: creation. It's Anya's first day behind the counter and Giles is apprehensive. Giles, Anya.

Constant Moon
Written for the Sunday100; theme - silver. Oz as Romeo? Maybe just as tragic. Oz/Willow.

Copper's Got a Gun
It's two years later but, as Giles discovers, the past can come back to haunt you when you least expect it. Giles/Joyce

Count on It

A birthday spanking and Wesley knows just why he's doing it. Wesley/Faith R

Cross Purposes
Xander stays behind to help Giles; but he's offering more than that. Xander/Giles

Definition of Desire
Theme; all dialogue. Set during 'Revelations'. Giles takes Willow to task for her behaviour with Xander. Giles/Willow.

Wesley finds out how much can change in a moment - and how much stay the same. Giles/Wesley R rated.

Written for the Sunday100; theme -travel. Set at the start of S6. Giles goes - where, exactly? Giles.

Distant Horizons
Written for the Sunday100; theme - travel. Set in the summer after season three. Xander sets off to see America. Xander.

Dress to Impress
Doyle wants Cordelia to see him in a new light. Doyle/Cordelia

Empty of All But This
Theme:eyes. Set in the final moments of Angel S4. As Angel faces Connor, what does he see? Connor, Angel

Empty Seats
Written for the Sunday100: theme- autumn. Back to school and Snyder's discovering that a new year brings old problems.

Everyone's a Winner
Theme: training. In the Magic Box, Xander watches disapprovingly as Giles and Spike play. Set in the BCDverse. Giles/Spike

Finding Order in Chaos

Double drabble. Set after 'Smile Time' It's not easy being a puppet...but some people understand. Angel, Feigenbaum.

Found Wanting
Faith sees Wesley for the first time. Faith/Wesley

Free As a Caged Bird
Written for the Sunday100; theme - music. Giles is singing and Spike's captivated. Giles/Spike

Foresight Sadly Lacking

Set during 'Five by Five' . Wes is thinking, but he's not getting anywhere. Faith/Wes (R)

Going, Going, Gone
Written for the Sunday100: theme -photographs. Empty spaces don't always mean you weren't there. Buffy, future fic.

Happiness is Maple Syrup Flavoured
Theme; the new. Wesley has a chance to start again. Set in S1 of 'Angel'.

Have Patience
Written for the Sunday100; theme - games. Set during 'Lies My Parents Told Me'. Giles

History Repeating Itself

Written for the Sunday100: theme; give a line to another character. Set during 'Bad Girls'. Giles and Wesley have a lot in common.

Hope Springs Eternal

Buffy has a question for Spike. Buffy/Spike

I Am As Nothing

Theme: success/failure. Set after Becoming 2. Buffy finds no joy in living in a world she saved. Buffy/Angel

I Can See Clearly Now

Set in S5 of AtS. Angel's actions are bothering him because the consequences are all too familiar. Angel

Imperfect Understanding
Set in S4. Spike is leaving Giles' house after his stay there - and he's leaving hurt. Giles/Spike

In The Eyes of The Beholder

Set during 'Billy'. Fred's sending out all kinds of signals to Wesley and he knows just how to read them. Wesley/Fred

It Goes Like This
Set in S3 of BtVS. Wesley knows just how it should go with Faith; how he dreams it will, anyway. Faith/Wesley

Key Difference
Olaf and Glory share a moment. Olaf/Glory

Lasting Impression
Vampires heal so fast...on the outside at least. Angel/Wesley

Lie Still
Set during S6. Buffy finds that some good deeds can hurt worse than evil. Buffy/Spike

Make a Wish

Spike and Wesley are paying the price for trying to give Angel a birthday surprise. Angel/Spike/Wes. R rated.

Never Going to Happen
Written for the Sunday100; theme - cliches. It's the end of the world and - what? Spike/Buffy.

Notable By Her Absence
Set in S4 AtS. Wesley's left alone and wondering when Faith goes to Sunnydale. Wesley/Faith

Now You See Me
Written for the Sunday100; theme - masks/costumes. Set during 'Halloween'. Willow's visit to Giles has an unexpected effect. Willow/Giles.

Objects in the Rear-View Mirror
Set during the car-ride after Wesley helps Faith get out of jail in S4. Wesley/Faith

Off With the Old
Buffy's introduction to Wesley brings surprises. Giles/Wesley (Slash implied).

Old Dog, New Tricks
Spike is training the Potentials with Buffy and it's torture. Set during 'Potential'. Spike/Buffy

Out of Harm's Way
Written for the Sunday100: theme - travel. Set during Graduation day. Just where did Joyce go? Joyce.

Overlooking the Obvious
Spike might have vampire senses but sometimes he doesn't see what's right under his nose. Or hand. Angel/Wesley R rated.

Paper Cuts.
After 'Doomed', Willow has some terrible news for Giles. Giles, Willow.

Set after Xander sees Giles sing. Giles/Xander

People In Gingerbread Houses Shouldn't Make Wishes
Willow faces her mother in 'Gingerbread' and learns that rash words have consequences.

Written for the Sunday 100; theme - games. A chess game can reveal a lot about the player. Travers.

Practically Speaking
Theme:lessons. Xander shouldn't really be in the library when he's supposed to be studying Biology, but let's call it a field trip... Giles/Xander

Present and Correct
Spike deals with one consequence of finding out Dawn is the Key. Spike, Dawn

'Queen Bitch'

Theme; Bowie song titles. Set at the end of 'The Wish'. Cordelia faces down Harmony. Who wins? Who do you think? Cordelia, Harmony

Wesley and Justine come to an understanding, of sorts. Dark Wesley/Justine. R rated.


Theme: endings. The end of innocence, the end of ignorance - and Willow can't hide any longer. Giles/Willow

Sartorial Sins
Written for the Sunday100; theme - wishes. Wesley often wonders why he got off on the wrong foot with Buffy and Faith...

Sealed With a Kiss

Set after 'Enemies' Buffy's consumed with the need to know what Angel and Faith did, but why? Buffy/Faith R rated.

'Sex and the Church'
Theme: Bowie song titles. Set in S6. Buffy's on her knees in church but she's not praying. Not then. Dark. Buffy/Spike R rated.

Sex on Sundae

Theme: ice cream. Xander's chocolate, Anya's tutti-frutti...but what flavour's Giles like?  Giles/Spike

Sins of the Father
Connor pays for Angel's past transgressions. Spike/Connor

Sir, Yes, Sir
Set during 'The Yoko Factor'. Change one word and see what happens... Spike/Xander

Sketched in Red

Angel's souled now but some activities bring the demon out to play. Angel

Small Steps on the Road to Hell
Theme:rings. Set in S4. When Spike gets fussy, Giles gives away far too much ground. Giles/Spike

Soap Bubbles
Written for the Sunday100; theme - cliches. Giles has had a very odd day. Giles.


Wesley watches Faith and waits. Wesley/Faith R

Stolen Words
Giles catches Willow doing something she shouldn't. Giles/Willow

Striking a Hard Bargain
Giles and Spike have something for each other following 'A New Man'. Giles/Spike

Suspended in Space
Theme: the Tarot. The Hanged Man.Set in the 1950's at the Hyperion. Angel

Sweeten My Hand
Spike wants roses to give to Drusilla... but they have to be just right. Spike/Drusilla

Take Care
Giving a Slayer first aid isn't easy, but someone's got to do it. Really. They should. Faith/Giles/Wesley

Tempted and Tormented

Training Faith is never easy but some days are harder than others. Faith/Wesley

Testing, Testing...
Xander's no Boy Scout. Pity for Spike... Spike/Xander

The Magic Word

A S3 library spanking drabble. Wesley's stubborn, Faith's determined... Wesley/Faith

The Price of Admission

Theme: memories. Spike and Angel fighting; that's old. What happens afterwards is too... but there's a twist. Angel/Spike R.

The Second Tuesday of Every Month
Anya has to have some time off, but Giles wishes she wouldn't. Giles/Anya

Trick or Treat?
Written for the Sunday100: theme - silver. Life can change in a moment; ask Joyce. Set early S5

Understandable Mistake
Set at the start of 'Doomed'. When Riley thinks about what Buffy is, he might be forgiven for jumping to conclusions. Buffy, Riley.

Uninvited Guests
What does Spike do in his crypt all day?

Wanting and Waiting

Angel makes a discovery about Wesley. (Slash) Angel/Wesley R rated.

Wash on Wednesdays
Lilah tells Bethany she likes folding laundry; this is why.

Water Torture
Spike's in the bathtub and he's not happy... Giles, Spike

Way Back When
Spike's puzzling Angel; so what's new? Angel/Spike

Buffy is dead - and Spike is dealing with it his way.

Wisely But Not Too Well
Theme: training. Set in Giles' childhood; but is a Watcher to be ever allowed one?

You're So Wrong For Me
The Watcher, the Vampire and the this really such a good idea? R rated. Wesley/Spike/Faith

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A Lesson in Manners
When Xander hurts the one Buffy loves, she spells out exactly what she sees in him, much to Xander's disgust. But who is he?

A Meeting of Minds
Giles is talking but are the Scoobies listening?

All We Need Is No Kerfuffles
In another dimension, the Scoobies discover the power of No Kerfuffle Day

Anya's Day Off
When Giles makes Anya take a day off, she's not happy. By the time it's over, neither is he. Anya, Willow

Calm Down, Slayer
Sometimes Buffy really is a little too competitive. Buffy/Spike

Come On Over To My Place
Giles is host at a barbecue but the Scoobies face more perils than indigestion.

Fame Is Fleeting
Dawn's homework gives Spike a moment of pure joy. Spike, Dawn

Get Better
Set in S4. Spike insults Xander and is made to suffer appropriately. Spike, Xander.

I'll Be Watching You
Written for the Buffy/Angel Lyric Wheel. Giles has a test...but it's not for Buffy, it's for her lover. Set in S2. Giles, Angel.

Indulge Me
R rated. A contribution to the 'Make Smut, Not War' campaign. A midnight feast for a hungry Slayer, but she ends up sharing her treat. Spike/Buffy

It's Good For The Roses
A challenge fic. Buffy has an unwelcome visitor who leaves an unpleasant reminder of his presence. Kennedy to the rescue, whether she wants to or not.

Just Another Thursday Night In Sunnydale
My first fic. Busty the Vampire Stripper hits town? Buffy isn't going to like this. Spike/Buffy

Lights, Camera, Action
Ever wonder just what went on in the cinema when Buffy and Angel watched a film in 'Enemies' and came out hot and bothered? Buffy/Angel.

Nine Lives
In which Miss Kitty Fantastico gives an account of her short but exciting life.

Oh, No, More Yoko
When Anya and Tara wait in Giles' bathroom for the fighting to stop, they fall victim to Spike's manipulations. Anya/Tara

Out, Out, Damned Spot Of...
Remember Giles singing in 'Restless'? This fic is inspired by one line of that song.

Rainbow Tears
We know how Xander's yellow crayon speech saved the world but just what happened in the classroom that day long ago?

Revenge of the Killer Librarian
Willow is horrified by Giles' actions...but to understand all is to forgive all. Giles, Willow

Secret Shame
Everybody's got something to hide but when you're roomies some secrets are harder to keep than others. Spike, Xander

Sorry Seems To Be
A contrite Willow prepares to atone but her magic has other ideas.

Starting Over
Buffy comes across Spike whiling away the hours and can't resist teasing him. Buffy/Spike

The One That Got Away
In 'Passion' we saw Angelus wreak havoc on Buffy's friends. Here is the story of one of his evil deeds from the POV of an unexpected victim.

The Operation Was A Success, But The Demon Died
Out, out damned chip...but who can do it? In Spike's darkest hour, an unlikely hero steps forward. Spike, Clem

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A Grudging Ingratitude
Snyder hates Buffy, but why? A look back at the days when he was in high school might provide a clue.

A Laying of Hands

Set at the end of 'The Dark Age'. Ethan has Buffy at his mercy and shows her none. Dark, Giles/Ethan implied. Ethan/Buffy NC17

And Loved Thee Seen

Who is Giles closest to?  This impulse fic turned out darker than I thought. Giles/?

Coming For Me
R rated. Ethan comes back to Sunnydale and takes Rack's place just in time to meet Willow - and drag her down into the dark. Ethan/Willow

Early Release
The First laid its plans early; and there's one person it thinks will be useful. Dark, character death. Ethan, Lilah, Ethan/Giles implied.

Favour Returned
Wesley teaches Lilah a lesson he learned as a child. Contains spanking. Wesley/Lilah, NC 17 rated.

First Time
Angel and Buffy meet as lovers and destroy all that they have together. Buffy/Angel R rated

Full Fathom Five

Set during 'Deep Down'. What happened on the car ride home between Angel and Wesley? Angel/Wesley


Set during 'Fool For Love'. As Spike sits with Buffy and remembers the past, his feelings are chaotic and conflicted. Spike/Buffy R rated.

Heroes In Hiding
Graduation Day revisited and a new fate for Snyder.

Ill Met By Moonlight
Spike has lost the Ring of Amarra and is looking for revenge on someone, anyone. (Character death) R rated. Spike/Wes

I"ll Say Goodbye Tomorrow
Willow wakes to a world with no Tara. Willow/Tara

It Ends Here

NFA spoilers. Sometimes a gift is given too late - or just in the nick of time... Spike/Angel

It's All In The POV
An acrostic poem from an overlooked character's perspective.

Leaves, Wind, Dust And Ashes
When Buffy regrets staking a vampire, Spike consoles her, and gets gratitude from an unusual source. Spike/Buffy

Mind Games
Willow uses her telepathic powers on Spike in the aftermath of Buffy's death, causing him pain and forging a link. Spike/Willow.

Mirror Image
William is now a vampire and his life has changed. But one change begins to bother him, until Angelus finds a solution. Spike/Drusilla

Never Count the Cost

Lilah discovers that hurting someone who's hurt you isn't always easy. Lilah/Wes. R rated.

Paying By Proxy
When a Slayer makes a mistake, who pays the price? Faith/Giles/Wesley NC17

Rounded by a Sleep
Willow is in England and her dreams are empty of horror; but at what cost? Willow/Giles

Spare Me
Faith is torturing Wesley but in the end, that's not what's going to leave the scars. Faith, Wes/Angel

Stay Silent Now

Wesley looks back on his first time with Lilah. Lilah/Wesley R rated

Sweet Dreams
Drusilla wants a story to send her to sleep and Spike does his best to oblige. Spike/Drusilla

Switching Sides

Willow takes out her frustrations on Giles - and takes them both somewhere new and dark. Set during the S6 finale, contains spanking. Willow/Giles R rated.

The Cup That Cheers

Giles discovers that Willow will go to any lengths to get her questions answered, even if it ends in heartbreak. Giles/Willow.

The Sun Sets Forever Tonight
How did William spend his last day as a human? William/Drusilla

To Sleep, Perchance To Scream
A souled Spike suffers in his dreams. (Written pre S7) Spike/Buffy

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A Helping Hand
Set in the aftermath of 'Earshot'. Snyder has a few words for Jonathan but they're not quite what he was expecting. Snyder, Jonathan

A Proper Fairy Tale Ending
Spike visits the library and has to make sure that one fairy tale ends happily.

Apology Accepted
Set after 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered'. Everyone's cross with Xander...but there's one person who's furious. Giles, Xander.

Breaking News
Set in AtS S5. Wesley and Buffy talk at cross purposes but things don't improve when the confusion is cleared up. Buffy, Wes.

Collateral Damage

A library/spanking fic because there really should be more of those. Giles gives way to a sudden impulse. Giles/Willow.

Courtesy Call
The story of how Giles and Willow first met. UST rather than 'ship.Giles/Willow.

Crowd Pleaser
Early days and Wesley's patrolling with Faith - but it's not how he imagined it would be. Wesley/Faith

Damaged Beyond Repair
Five tiny ficbits prompted by the S5 AtS episode 'Damage'.

Dreaming You

Faith's feeling the heat. Faith/Buffy R rated

Drink This
Set just after 'Dead Things'. Buffy has something for Spike, something to make everything right...but can it be that easy to forget? Spike/Buffy

Drunk and Disorderly
Set during 'A New Man'. Spike can't believe it, but he's rescuing Giles. Or trying to. Giles/Ethan, Spike.

Duty and Despair
Set after 'Dopplegangland'. When Giles thought Willow was dead how did he feel? Willow wants to know. Really wants to know. Willow/Giles

Duty Bound

Wesley watches Faith patrol and, like Xander in The Zeppo, discovers that she doesn't react well to being deprived of a kill. Wesley/Faith R rated.wanton

Eating the Middle

Set post-Chosen. Willow and Xander think about how they got where they are. Willow/Xander R

Exit, Stage Left
WARNING; spoilers for the final episode of Angel. This is my take on what might have happened after the credits rolled.

Giving In
Set just after Earshot. When Joyce finds out how Buffy's been teasing Giles, she takes steps...towards him. Giles/Joyce.

Happy Hour
Gunn wants to thank Wesley for saving his life but Wes takes charge of the night. Friendship, not slash. Wes,Gunn

Helping Lame Dogs
Spike has to rescue two people fighting outside his crypt when a fraternity prank takes a nasty turn. Spike/Buffy

Just For The Hell Of It
Spike is bored and takes up jogging. His way.

Kill the Messenger

Set at the end of S2 of Angel. Gunn and Xander watch Willow break the news of Buffy's death. Gunn/Xander.

Lead Me Into Temptation
Set before Buffy's birthday. Angel watches Buffy fight and is more of a distraction than he realises. Buffy/Angel

Let Me Take You Far Away
The battle's done...but is it really? Giles is lost in a grief he can't even begin to fight. Giles, post Chosen.

Love It Was Indeed

Seven years after the battle in Chosen, there's a knock at Giles' door... Giles/Anya

Marmalade Toast
Oz's hair inspires Giles to get poetical, but Snyder's not impressed with the end result. Giles, Oz

On Principle
Giles is forced to use a weapon forged by Willow to defeat Snyder. Giles/Willow (friendship, hints of more).

Payback is Sweet

Set after 'Harm's Way'. Harmony decides to remind Wesley of their shared past, much to his dismay. Harmony, Wesley.

Pick Me Up
Crossover with Stargate SG-1. Faith's in a bar when she gets some bad news. Faith/Major Paul Davis R

Angel gave Buffy his jacket in 'Teacher's Pet' ; what happens next, when she gets curious about what's in the pockets? Buffy/Angel R rated

Reaping the Benefit

A curious Lilah seeks out an appreciative Giles. Giles/Lilah

Remember Me?
Set in S5 of AtS. Angel challenges Spike to prove he has friends...but it doesn't turn out quite as he expected. (3,700 words) R rated.


Willow finds out that Giles refused to help save Fred when Angel asked. Willow/Fred

Retreat To The Future
While the Scoobies dealt with a lovelorn Spike in 'Lovers Walk', Giles was in the woods, facing demons from his past in an attempt to unlock the future for Buffy's sake.

When Dawn finds out she's the Key, her reaction takes Spike by surprise. Dawn/Spike.

Shop Till You Drop (Dead)
When a sixteen year old shops, that's normal. When she's a Slayer, her list might contain some surprises. Buffy,Joyce

Show, Don't Tell
Faith watches as Oz turns and each learns a little. Dark.Faith/Oz R rated.

Stepping Out
Set in early S2. Buffy and Willow conspire; Angel and Xander aren't happy. Buffy/Angel.

Sweet Sixteen
Set during the summer after The Gift. Dawn is drawn to Spike, but the power she has isn't over him...Underage smut implied. Dawn/Xander, Dawn/Spike R rated.

Take it as Red

A library spanking fic. Wesley is tutoring Willow in more than Latin. Wesley/Willow R rated


Take on all Comers
R rated. Written to mark National Orgasm Day :-) A Spuffy PWP. Spike/Buffy

Tea For Two
When Kennedy tries to hurt Spike she learns that he has unexpected allies.

Tell Me A Story

Dawn wants a scary story from Spike and stirs up more than she meant to as he remembers his early days as a vampire. Spike/Dru, Dawn.

Thank You, Ma'am

Set late in S7. Faith and Spike both need something but they're looking in all the wrong places. Spike/Faith R rated

The Final Word
A Watcher comes to tell a young girl she's Chosen. Routine, but suppose she says, 'no'? Original characters.

Watch Me Love
A father's love? No, it's not, and never was. Giles/Buffy.

Weaving a Tangled Web
Just after Graduation Day, Wesley comes to Giles for help with his destiny - and Giles has a choice to make...Giles, Wesley.

What If
Set post Chosen. Willow and Xander retrace their footsteps - and end up somewhere new. Willow/Xander

Who Shaves the Spanish Librarian?
Ever wondered where Giles got his 'Kiss the Librarian' mug from? It might be more complicated than it seems. Set in season three. (Mild slash implied) Giles.

Win and Lose

Set in S3. Xander and Willow's love turns dark as their frustrations mount. Willow/Xander R rated.

Wish Upon a Star
Wesley learns that some people never do. Wesley, Justine

Work in Progress
Sometimes all you want is a champion... Wesley/Lilah R rated.

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A Natural Death
Dawn returns to the cemetery and finds out that people you know wear different faces in the dark. A dark Hallowe'en fic. Dawn/Spike NC 17

A Spike Is For Life
R rated. It's Christmas Eve and Buffy opens the door to find a naked Spike outside. Well, he does have his boots on... Spike/Buffy

Bend It Like Buffy
A Hallowe'en story when Buffy gives Spike a treat - or is it a trick? Spike/Buffy

Biter Beware
Some gifts are personal, as Dawn learns to her cost. A Valentine fic featuring Spike and chocolate. Mmm...or maybe not. Buffy/Spike, Dawn

Cupid Knows Best
In 1880, William writes a Valentine and expects it to go to Cecily. But Cupid takes it to his true love instead. William/Spike/Buffy

Deck the Shops
Anya is puzzled by a certain Christmas tradition. Anya/Tara

Fear Me
Hallowe'en fic, same theme as 'A Natural Death'. Spike finds out Dawn isn't scared of the monsters and decides to change that. Spike, Dawn R rated.

Funny Once

April Fools day fic. Giles is working in the library but is constantly interrupted by people who all seem to have one joke to play. Giles and many people. R rated.

Love Translated
Lilah gets an unexpected Valentine's gift from Wesley, but what he wants in return surprises her. Lilah/Wesley R rated.

Roses Are Red, Demons Are Dead
When Spike tries to deliver a Valentine to Buffy, he runs into some problems. One of them is Buffy. Spike/Buffy

Star Light
Xander and Spike's first Christmas and their first tree...but it all goes slightly wrong. In a schmoopy way that is. Spike/Xander

The Trio Rides Again
When Kennedy goes too far, Andrew discovers two unlikely allies in his search for revenge. An April Fool fic.

White Berries

Anya and Giles discover the magic behind one Christmas tradition. Giles/Anya.

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Long Fics

A Chaos Of Consequences
Willow is staying with the coven in England when she meets Kate, a teacher with stories to tell. Stories about the consequences of Willow's actions. Willow, Giles (17,000 words)

A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing
Dalton died at the hands of the Judge but what was his story? It started a long time ago in a book shop... (13,000 words)

Coming Back To Haunt Me
R rated overall. Every twenty years she comes for him; the ghost of Spike's first kill. But this time she doesn't just take him. Spike/Buffy/Drusilla (7,000 words)

Done In The Name of Love
Written for the Angel Book of Days Summer Challenge.
Fred is feeling the heat after she triggers a malicious curse. R rated Lilah/Fred (4,500 words)

Driven By Ghosts

Written for the Angel Book of Days Autumn Challenge.
Cordelia's vision brings more than a headache as the past demands a price from everyone at Angel Investigations. (8,000 words)

Hollow Heart written with Bit
Set post NFA, mild AU. In the dark days after Spike and Angel's death, Faith turns to Wesley for protection and finds more waiting for her than she realised. Faith/Wesley, Faith/Giles/Wesley NC17 (60,000 words)

In Patience Possess
Written for the Giles/Willow ficathon, slightly AU, and set immediately after 'Grave'. An annoyed Giles is taking an unrepentant Willow to England and drafts in the help of a former Watcher with problems of his own. Giles/Willow, Wesley. R rated (7,000 words)

Lucky Number
NC17 When Buffy and Spike are trapped in a cave, she starts to panic. To calm down, she turns to something close to hand to play with. Spike/Buffy (7,000 words)

Running Scared
Set mid-S5 Angel. Wesley's working when Dawn turns up. She needs his help but she's bringing trouble his way. R rated.Dawn/Wesley

Saving Souls, Sunnydale Style
Buffy has 48 hours to stop vampires feeding on a helpless Sunnydale, rescue a kidnapped Spike, and deal with Brother Saul's evil plans. A Scooby adventure set in S6. (28,000 words)

Ships That Cross
Wesley shows up in London after 'Lineage' and meets a very different Xander with secrets of his own (5,500 words) Wesley/Xander R

Sick of Shadows by Jane Davitt and Wesleysgirl
AU. After Wesley's throat is cut, he returns to England and joins Giles who's working as a detective specialising in unusual cases. Then in the space of a moment, everything changes... Giles/Wesley NC17 (26,000 words)

Talk To Me
In one eventful night Spike goes after a soul, kisses Xander, and his crypt burns down. It isn't Tuesday is it? Spike/Buffy (8,000 words)

The Power of Persuasion by Jane Davitt and Wesleysgirl
Set in the spring after Giles returns to England following 'Tabula Rasa'. London is suffering mysterious power cuts and Giles is feeling bored. Enter an old friend... Ethan/Giles NC17 (50,000 words)

Too Close For Comfort
Suppose, Faith, not Buffy, became telepathic during Earshot - and turned to her Watcher for help. Faith/Wesley R rated

The Alperts
The Alpert crypt is a familiar sight for the Slayer as she patrols, but who were they and what was their link with the Mayor? Historical fic with OCs. (20,000 words)

The Body In The Crypt
A Sunnydale whodunnit with the Scoobies as prime suspects and Spike as detective. (6,000 words)

Watching, Waiting, Anticipating

Wesley gets his memories back - and heads for Faith, intending to make a fresh start. (12,000 words) Wesley/Faith R rated

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Series Fics

Saturation written by Jane Davitt and Wesleysgirl (NC17) Giles/Xander/Spike

Set post 'Chosen'. What happens when you think you're perfectly happy with someone - and then there's a knock at the door and it all changes? (75,000 words).


The sequel to 'Saturation' set six months later. Xander goes away and Spike and Giles play... but this is a game that will change everything for all of them. (35,000 words)

Act of Nature written by Jane Davitt and Wesleysgirl (NC17) Giles/Xander

Act of Nature
Set post 'Chosen'. Over two days at Christmas, Giles and Xander deal with the aftermath of a tragedy and their feelings for each other. Giles/Xander NC 17 (55,000 words)

One Year On
A year after 'Act of Nature' and Giles and Xander are facing their second Christmas with secrets that aren't all seasonal. Giles/Xander NC17 (15,000 words)

Bait and Switch by Jane Davitt
The summer after 'One Year On' and Giles and Xander are back on the island, trying to help John find happiness and meeting with resistance. (3,000 words).

Crossed Lines
A prequel to the story. Xander's getting ready for his first date with John when the phone rings. (5,000 words)

To Have and to Hold
Xander and Giles get married. 5,000 words.

Fishing for Compliments
Drabble Giles and Xander go shopping.

Behind Closed Doors. (NC 17) Giles/Spike
This is Giles and Spike in a dom/sub relationship, written from Spike's POV.The story covers six months, from the summer of Buffy's death in The Gift, to Christmas. It is AU in that Buffy is never brought back. The story moves around in time a little; it begins in early December, there's a lengthy flashback to June/July and then the story moves forward to Christmas. (About 45,000 words)

Behind Closed Doors Chapters One to Fourteen

Ficlet set sometime in the middle of the story. An annoyed Giles dreams up the perfect punishment for Spike. R rated.

Crossing Lines
Drabble. Theme:patterns. Spike knows where to find them in his relationship; and where not to look.

Everyone's a Winner
Drabble. In the Magic Box, Xander watches disapprovingly as Giles and Spike play.

Well Deserved
Drabble. Spike's been very good, so what does Giles do? R rated.

Sure About That

Drabble. Spike gets contemplative about his life.

Trust This
Drabble. Spike's not afraid of Giles but that's not quite enough.

On the Stroke Of...
Drabble. Theme; beginnings. When does a punishment start exactly? R rated.

Looking Into
Drabble. Theme: eyes. When Spike and Giles exchange glances, what do they see?

Blank Verse
Giles deals with Spike's insecurities and reveals one of his own. R rated.

Hands Tied
Spike can't help, can't touch, can't do anything but watch as Giles suffers.

Early Closing

One of Giles' punishments seen from Xander and Anya's POV. A little different than the usual BCD story.

Seeing Clearly
Spike wonders what Giles is thinking about. R rated.

The Senses Of A Vampire Series. (R Rated)Spike/Buffy

This grew from one challenge fic to be an exploration of Buffy and Spike's relationship with the thematic background of the five senses.

Part One. The Scent Of Water
R rated. Buffy takes refuge from a storm in Spike's crypt and is seduced by the vampire in the most subtle of ways. *Winner of Kantayra's Spring Rains Holiday Fic Competition*

Part Two. Touch Me Right There
R rated. Buffy challenges Spike to prove that his sense of touch is superior to hers. This is a game with no losers...

Part Three. Listen, Love
R rated. As a feverish Buffy suffers, Spike's whispered words are all that she can hear.

Part Four. The Taste Of Tears
R rated. An uncovered secret and a misunderstanding tear Buffy and Spike apart. Dark.

Part Five. Second Sight
R rated. When a Slayer dreams, they sometimes come true. This time Buffy's dreaming of Spike dying and all she can do to stop it might not be enough.

The Demon Trilogy. (R rated overall) Spike/Buffy
This is the story of the origin of the Slayer's powers, written before S7 touched on that theme. Every thousand years, the source of the power needs to be renewed by the current Slayer. This time it's Buffy - and she won't go on her quest alone. She has to take a vampire with her.

Book One The Demon Made Me Do It
It's raining, Spike's bored - then Buffy turns up, wounded and dying. In the following days she will face betrayal, deceit and danger - and discover a love strong enough to fight them all. (15,500 words)

Book Two The Demon Inside Me
Buffy and Spike prepare to enter the Realm and take back her powers. (18,500 words)

Book Three The Demon Delivers
As Buffy and Spike battle in the Realm, the Scoobies face an old enemy at home. (23,000 words)

Secretary (NC17) Faith/Wesley

Secretary by Allegraslade, Bit, Darling Effect, Jane Davitt. Part 1 to 16
AU. A young girl from a broken home, an older man with issues...and a working relationship that turns into something more. D/S themes. Faith/Wesley NC17. 670,000 words.

It can also be read on the Secretary Live Journal.


Additional stories in the Secretary 'verse:

Part 17 by Jane Davitt. Anya and Faith meet for the first time. (10,000 words)

Part 18 by Darling Effect. Spike and Drusilla are in town and Wesley's wary. (5,000 words)

Part 19 by Allegraslade. Wesley and Faith househunt with a new friend. (5,000 words)

Part 20 by Bit. A fantasy becomes reality as Wesley watches Faith with another woman. (5,000 words)

Never Ever

A Secretary drabble by Jane Davitt

After and Before

A Secretary snippet by Jane Davitt

Travelling Light by Bit

It's Faith's birthday and Wesley's feeling generous. NC17 (7,200 words)

Just a Little Patience by Jane Davitt

Sometimes, some things, some people, are worth waiting for. NC17 2,100 words

Roses are Red by Jane Davitt

It's Wesley's birthday and Faith knows just what he wants. NC17 (150 words)

by Jane Davitt

Another fic for Wesley's birthday. NC17 850 words.

The Snowbound/Sunblind Stories R Giles/Ethan, Angel/Spike/Wesley

AU. A Regency Romance. Three men discover their former Professor is in danger and go to rescue him. A blizzard forces them to stop at an inn and they discover that it was not by chance that they were led there... Angel/Spike/Wesley, Giles/Ethan. R rated overall. (50,000 words)


AU. The sequel to Snowbound. Months have passed and the reconciled lovers are content...but summer heat may lead to more than passion. Giles/Ethan, Angel/Spike/Wesley. R rated. WIP Warning and an apology: this story has been abandoned and this is all there is.

Predatory Acts/Preying on my Mind Spike/Xander NC17

Predatory Acts
An AU version of S1 episode 'The Pack'. A possessed Xander leaves the Bronze and meets Spike. It never happened - but don't you wish it had? NC-17 Spike/Xander (Complete in itself but the story continues in 'Preying on my Mind')

Preying On My Mind
Sequel to 'Predatory Acts'. It's two years later but some things you just can't forget, even if you wanted to, even if you should. NC-17 Spike/Xander

Second Time of Asking/Third Time Lucky Faith/Giles/Wesley NC17

Second Time of Asking
Set post NFA with some twists. When Giles assigns himself to be Faith's Watcher, following Buffy's death a returned-to-life Wesley isn't pleased. But Faith finds a solution that works for everyone.

Third Time Lucky
Three months later and the cracks are showing... but a happy ending isn't impossible.  10,000 words

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Slash Fic

A Circle of Two
Set in S4. Anya uses magic to get something from Xander, but it doesn't go quite as she'd planned. Anya/Xander/Spike/Giles.

A Cut Above
Set in early S5 of Angel. Wes is being bothered by Spike. Does he mind? Not so much...Wes/Spike R rated.

All and Nothing
Written for the Wesley slash challenge archived here,
Wesley ventures deep into the Hyperion and finds all he ever wanted - at a price. Wesley/Angel NC 17

All Work and No Play
Buffy and Faith slay - and play. Buffy/Faith R rated.

Alternative Hells
A request fic. Angel and Snyder bump into each other in the school corridors. (Humour) Angel/Snyder

Set in the same 'verse as 'Job Satisfaction'. Giles gives Andrew his first appraisal and Andrew does better than he expected. Giles/Andrew

As Good As It Gets
William is now Spike - but as he struggles for Angelus' approval he realises the truth... Spike/Angelus NC 17

Ask me Anything
My 100th fic. A question is asked - and answered - but by whom? Maybe it doesn't matter. NC 17. Spike/Xander

Back For More
Giles has been waiting for this for a while... Giles/Xander R

Betrayed, Cheated and Deceived
In the aftermath of 'Superstar', Xander suffers the pain of loving and losing. Xander/Jonathan. R rated.

Bringing it Home
What do you do when you don't trust yourself not to hurt someone? Spike and Xander do this. R rated.Spike/Xander. This and 'Hand to Hand' are linked ficlets.

Captive Audience
Set in S1. Xander discovers that being rescued by someone you hate isn't all that much fun. Xander/Angel

Clean Break
Set after 'Epiphany'. Wesley gets brave and wet, Angel gets dusty and cross - but there's a happy ending. Angel/Wesley R rated.

Come As You Aren't
Wesley wants an answer from Spike but it doesn't turn out well for him. R rated. Spike/Wesley

Concerted Effort
Oz is teaching Xander to play the guitar - among other things. Oz/Xander R rated.

Control Issues
A sequel of sorts to the drabble 'Wanting and Waiting'. Angel needs someone to help him feel in control of his life. Angel/Wesley NC17

Cool Comfort

Set after 'New Moon Rising'. Oz is hurting and Spike's the only one who knows just how he feels and how to make it stop. Oz/Spike R rated.

Count the Cost
Spike's spanking Xander, who can't seem to concentrate... Spike/Xander R rated

Count The Ways
Love can be built on a thousand grains of sand...Wesley/Angel.

Damage Control
Written for the Giles/Xander ficathon. Set in early S3. Xander finds Giles bruised after training with Buffy and when he tries to help discovers kindness has its own rewards. Giles/Xander. R rated.

Dancing in the Dark
The lights go out in Xander's apartment and as he and Spike talk, another light dawns...R rated Spike/Xander

D.I. Don't
Xander comes home to find Spike's been misbehaving... R rated.Spike/Xander.

Diminishing Expectations

Challenge fic; to write about bad sex. Not wrong and squicky sex, but the awkward, nose bumping, first time kind. This is set in early S4 when Giles was paying Xander to help out around the house. Giles/Xander R rated

Do I But Dream?
An injured Xander wakes up in Giles' bed and discovers that he's seeing Giles in a new light. Giles/Xander R rated

Dreaming of You

A fragment of Giles' thoughts after 'Hallowe'en'. Giles/Ethan. R rated

Ease My Pain
Set after 'Something Blue'. A tempted and tormented Giles faces a determined vampire. Giles/Spike NC17

Errand Boy Blues
Spike has a favour to ask but Xander's mind is on other things he'd like to do. Set in S4. NC 17 rated. Spike/Xander

Expediting Expiation
Wesley's got something he wants to confess. Angel/Wesley R

Extra Ingredient
The expanded version of 'Secret Ingredient'. Now there's room for the smut...NC 17. Spike/Wes/Giles

Face the Front
Spike learns the hard way that you can push Xander only so far. Set in S4, contains spanking. R rated. Spike/Xander.

Fading the Bruises

After Faith tortures him, Wesley returns to Sunnydale to confront the man he hold responsible ... and finds Giles knows what he's gone through. Contains spanking. Giles/Wesley NC 17

Final Score
A conversation in a pub has Spike's thoughts going back to his first year as a vampire - and that has him knocking on Angel's door. Spike/Angel, Spike/Angelus. R rated. Written for the Angel Book of Days Winter Challenge.

First Time Lucky
Xander and Wesley are both going the same way; out of Sunnydale. But there's something they want to do first... Xander/Wesley R rated.

Forbidden Fruit
Eve used an apple, Wesley turns to another fruit to tempt Angel with. Wesley/Angel

Future Echoes

Xander gives Spike the guided tour of the basement but perhaps things won't turn out quite the way he'd planned. Spike/Xander R rated.

Glad You Came
Set after 'The Gift'. Wesley returns to Sunnydale bringing with his more than Giles expected. Giles/Wesley NC17

Good to the Last Drop
On the night the Initiative took Spike and changed his life, just who was his final victim? NC-17 Spike/OC

Hand to Hand
Sometimes it's done for pleasure...but not tonight. NC 17. Spike/Xander.

Having Faith
Set in S3. Wesley and Giles work together to bring Faith in line and find it less trouble than they'd thought. Faith/Giles/Wesley R rated.
NEW: prequel to this, 'Two Out of Three'

Heat From Frozen
A snippet with a cold mouth making someone hot. Spike/Xander R rated.

Helping Out
Set at the start of BtVS S4. Xander is helping Giles sort books but that's not quite how Giles sees it. Giles/Xander NC17

I Would, But I'm A Little Tied Up Right Now
If you had Spike tied to a chair in your basement, would it give you ideas? Ask Xander... NC-17 Spike/Xander

If By Chance
Giles chooses between perfection and reality - not as simple as it seems. Giles/Xander

If I Had to Choose
Written for the Back in the Day ficathon. Just after 'Earshot' and Xander's puzzled by how friendly everyone is suddenly. Larry/OC, Xander/?

If Truth Be Told
With Spike in Giles' bathtub, Wesley's unexpected visit leads to complications as they all get drunk and somehow naked....Giles/Spike/Wesley NC 17

If You Were Mine
Spike tells Xander what he could expect if he belonged to him. R rated.

Is That Your Final Answer?
Set post 'Chosen'. Andrew is trying to move forward, but he's linked to Xander and Xander's going nowhere. R Andrew/Xander

It Could Be Worse
When Spike waxes poetical about Xander's eyes, he compares them to - well, it isn't chocolate. R Spike/Xander

Jet Lag

Wesley's on his way to a new job in Sunnydale, but someone's going to make sure he doesn't make the best of first impressions. Ethan/Wesley R rated.

Job Satisfaction

Set post Chosen. Andrew is working under Giles. Take that any way you like, it can't end well. Dark Giles/Andrew. R rated.

Kiss it Better
A fragment of a fic. Devon's throat hurts and Oz is there to help. Devon/Oz. R rated.

Kisses and Gasps
Spike and Xander kissing comes in many flavours. Spike/Xander R rated.

Lemon Candy

Spike can't hurt Xander - but there's nothing else left for them to try. Warning: this isn't graphic but it contains self-hurt and bondage (all consensual). Spike/Xander NC17

Look at it This Way
Wesley is trying to succeed in his new job but there's one obstacle to be dealt with. And it's not his Slayers. Giles/Wesley. R rated.

Love Me To Death
Spike's remembering the good old days. Angelus/Spike NC17

Many Waters

Set right after 'Destiny' in S5 AtS. Angel is tired and sore; the last thing he needs to find in his bed is Spike. Or maybe it's just what he needs...Angel/Spike R rated.

Mapping the Territory
Oz is on stage watching Devon and that's enough, it always is. Oz/Devon

No Quarter Given
Set post Chosen. Xander's home from Africa and after a new job. Giles/Xander. R rated

Now and Then
Spike shows Xander that a century old vampire can be cool in more than one way. Spike/ Xander.

One Satisfied Customer

Set in 'Halloween'. Spike visits the costume shop to see just who's going to be making the holiday memorable. Ethan/Spike R rated.

One To Grow On
Set in S5 of AtS. It's Wesley's birthday and Spike's present may be just what he needs. (Contains spanking)  Spike/Wesley R rated.

Patience Personified
Set in S3 BtVS. Giles and Wesley come to an understanding on the eve of battle. Giles/Wesley R rated.

Paying the Price

Set after 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered'. Giles is furious with Xander for endangering Buffy - Xander will do anything to change that. Anything at all. Dark, spanking. Giles/Xander NC 17.

Peel Me Up

In the S3 episode 'Enemies' Giles eats a banana in the library as Wesley and Xander watch. Too tempting not to fic.  Giles/Wesley/Xander R rated.

Position Vacant
Written for the slashficathon, set post Chosen. Ethan's return brings back old memories but some things never change. Giles/Ethan R rated.

Predatory Acts
An AU version of S1 episode 'The Pack'. A possessed Xander leaves the Bronze and meets Spike. It never happened - but don't you wish it had? NC-17 Spike/Xander (Complete in itself but the story continues in 'Preying on my Mind', now complete.)

Preying On My Mind
Sequel to 'Predatory Acts'. It's two years later but some things you just can't forget, even if you wanted to, even if you should. NC-17 Spike/Xander

Quiet, Please
When Giles takes out his temper on the Scoobies, one of them takes a fitting revenge. Giles/Oz NC 17.

Red in Tooth and Claw

A darker, longer reworking of 'Xander and the Vampire Zebra' set in the summer following S1. There's a beast out there and Giles wants Xander to help him kill it. By the end of the night, there's more than one... Giles/Xander NC17

Giles wakes up to find himself in bed with two men he knows very well. Or thought he did. (Slight spoilers for the set up of Angel Season 4/5 but AU and speculative for the most part.) WIP. Giles/Wes/Spike NC 17. NOTE; I've abandoned this story for the forseeable future. I'm sorry.

Save Me From Myself
Set just after School Hard. Spike and Xander have an encounter in an alleyway. Spike/Xander

Save the Best For Last
Wesley is experimenting with Spike but he might be testing him to destruction. Set after 'Destiny'. Wesley/Spike R rated.

Say It Without Flowers

Set after S5. Spike and Giles are together but there's still a long way to go before they're a couple... Spike/Giles R rated

Searching High and Low
Giles discovers that Ethan left something behind after he waited in the library during 'The Dark Age'. Giles/Ethan

Secret Ingredient
A spell requires the input of a certain vampire so Wesley returns to Sunnydale to ask Giles and Spike for help. Set in S4. NC 17 Spike/Wes/Giles

Shifting Like Sand
When Oz is bitten, Giles finds his feelings for him change. From obsession to - ? NC 17 Giles/Oz

Short Straw
Silly, smutty fun at Wesley's birthday party. Definitely a PWP. Giles/Xander/Spike/Wesley/Angel R rated.

Slush Puppy
Spike surprises Xander in a private moment and finds Xander's working under a misapprehension. Spike/Xander R rated.

Smart But Casual
First day at work and those initial impressions are so important... Contains casting spoiler for Angel S4 but no plot spoilers. Angel/Spike R rated.

Smoke and Fire
Set in S4. Spike's smoking a cigarette and teasing Giles - who's got better things to think about Giles/Spike R rated.

Stolen Screams
Set at the end of S2. Spike watches Angel torture Giles and thinks the Watcher's going to feel something worse soon. Giles/Spike R rated

Suits Me
When Spike needs some help with his new business clothes, he turns to Gunn. He's got ulterior motives, of course. Spike/Gunn R rated.

Table Manners
Sometimes you just don't need words...but some vampires can't take a hint. NC-17 Spike/Xander

Take Comfort in This

Wesley is wounded and help is at hand. Angel's hands... Wesley/Angel R rated.

Taken Out
Set in early S5 Angel. Spike is bored and wants to go for a ride with Wes. Well, someone's being taken for a ride, anyway...Wesley/Spike R rated.

The Final Blow
Wesley's feeling guilty, so Spike takes him in hand. Spike/Wesley. Spanking. R rated.

There's a Hole in My Bucket
Xander's attempts to get the better of Spike lead him deeper and deeper into trouble.Just think of the song in the title... R rated.

Time For Everything

Spike bets Xander he won't kiss Giles. Giles/Xander R rated

Top to Bottom
Challenge ficlet. It's all about the power...but who has it? Spike/Wesley R rated

Tricked Into Treating

Set during 'Halloween'. What if Giles had been in costume that night when he met Ethan? Giles/Ethan, R rated.

Two Out of Three
A prequel to 'Having Faith'. Giles and Wesley visit a rebellious Slayer with a proposition. Faith/Giles/Wesley.

Warning Label
Giles in the library, drifting off into dreams... Giles/Xander R rated

Well Defined
Spike turns the tables on Wes with a game he's invented. Spike/Wesley R rated.

What's the Magic Word?
One wants to bite, one to be bitten...hating each other really doesn't seem to matter anymore. Spike/Riley. R rated

We Help The Helplessly Guilty
Wesley is interrupted as he deals with an anguished caller. Slightly kinky, very silly phone smut. Giving away the pairing would spoil the joke.Wes/? R rated.

Wearing my Heart on my Sleeve
To save Anya's life, Xander must sleep with Spike. It's not that simple though. It never is. Spike/Xander R rated

When You Can't See the Wood...

A client can't she gifts Angel and Wesley with something more precious than money. Angel/Wes R rated.

With a Final, Backwards Glance at Eurydice
Giles can fool a lot of people - but never himself. Oz/Giles NC17

Written on Skin
Giles has Xander just where Xander wants to be. Giles/Xander R

Xander and the Vampire Zebra

Strange title? No worse than Buffy the Vampire Slayer... Giles needs Xander's help shortly after The Pack. Giles/Xander R rated.

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