Hawaii Five-0

Whipped Smooth

February 27 2012 Danny spanks Steve. Very, very gently. Steve/Danny NC17 400 words

Risk and Reward

February 27 2012 Tag for 2.12 Steve/Danny Drabble

Shame on Me

February 27 2012 Tag for 2.12. Steve/Danny Drabble

Without a Trace

February 27 2012 Steve wants something. No guilt. Steve/Danny R Drabble

Shave Ice

October 16 2011 A Groundhog Day riff. Steve/Danny 1300 words

Kiss Chase

October 16 2011 Drabble. Flirty and sweet. Steve/Danny

Guilty Party

October 16 2011 Drabble Danny has something on his mind. Steve/Danny

Viewed From Here

October 16 2011 Danny in a hammock. Steve/Danny 400 words

Fill Me Full

May 10 2011 Steve and Danny have a system for getting what they need. Steve/Danny NC17 600 words (references to bondage, cross-dressing.)

Take a Picture

March 18 2011 Some doors just need to be broken down. Steve/Danny R 800 words

Search and Rescue

March 18 2011 Crossover with The Sentinel. Danny discovers a secret Steve's been hiding. Steve/Danny, Jim/Blair NC17 14,000 words

Return to Sender

March 18 2011 1.18 episode tag. Dark. Danny can't cope with the aftermath of his brother's actions -- or his own. Steve/Danny NC17 850words

Family Matters

March 18 2011 1.18 episode tag. Steve opens his door to find Danny in need of comfort.  Steve/Danny PG 13 1000 words

Joking Around

March 18 2011 Steve tries to tell a joke.  Steve/Danny PG13 800 words

Karmic Curse

March 18 2011 Steve sometimes wonders what hes done wrong. Steve/Danny R 400 words

Like a Rock

March 18 2011 Drabble Steve/Danny PG13 100 words.


January 7 2011 Drabble Danny's almost there.... Steve/Danny NC17 100 words.


January 7 2011 Steve sees Danny in a bar with a hooker and offers him an alternative. Steve/Danny NC17 3600 words

Spoken in a Whisper

January 7 2011 Spanking fic. It takes a while, but Danny finally realizes what Steve's asking for. Steve/Danny NC17 4000 words


January 7 2011 Sequel to 'Sleepwalking'. After the talking comes the sex. Well, it's  a nice idea. Steve/Danny NC17 5500 words


January 7 2011 Danny wakes up and what happens after sure isn't a dream. Steve/Danny R 4000 words

Better Than Socks

January 7 2011 Just what beats socks for Christmas? Steve/Danny R 1100 words

Green and Red

Nov 24 2010 Episode Tag for 1.09 Someone needs a hug... Steve/Danny 1800 words PG13


Nov 24 2010 Steve/Danny Danny doesn't like the ocean. Drabble R

Broken Words

Nov 24 2010 Steve has trouble getting Danny to take turns. Steve/Danny 950 words NC17

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