Warning: some of the fics on this page are Don/Charlie which means they're about consensual sibling incest.

Stress Relief

July 2 2010.  Set early S4. Colby and David need to find a new balance in their relationship. Colby/David NC17 4100 words.

Cause and Effect

July 2 2010. Charlie/Don Warning: incest. Don discovers more about Charlie than either of them are comfortable with. NC17 3800 words.


July 2 2010.  Colby doesn't think he understands Charlie, but he's wrong. Colby/Charlie NC17 800 words.


July 2 2010. Don's work can sometimes get on top of him. Don PG13 200 words.

Breaking Eggs

July 2 2010.  Warning: incest. Don has some limits when it comes to Charlie. Well, one. Charlie/Don NC17 900 words.

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