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Torqued Tales

Torqued Tales' an anthology of fairy tales given an adult twist, edited by S A Clements, is available in paperback and e-book from Torquere Press. It contains a story from me called 'For Kingdom's Sake', a retelling of the Cinderella story.
It can be purchased here.


 Cover art by Pluto

Laying a Ghost

Laying a GhostLaying a Ghost  a full-length NC 17 novel by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow is  available to buy from Loose Id. It's a contemporary m/m romance, with paranormal elements, set on a Hebridean island.

When John McIntyre sees Nick Kelley step off the island ferry, he's instantly attracted, and fairly certain that he knows what Nick is keeping secret, because he's been doing it himself for years. When he discovers Nick's real secret he's drawn into a world he never knew existed, one haunted by grief and guilt and ghosts. In the shadowed world of the spirits, Nick's power is all that the ghosts have to help them. But Nick is still mourning the death of his lover in an accident he believes he caused, and John's determined to keep their relationship secret.

It's going to take a lot more than attraction and really good sex to solve their problems but will they be lucky? Or will one week be all they have before they're left alone again?

Cover art by April Martinez


Reviews of 'Laying a Ghost'

Giving Up the Ghost
by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

'Giving Up the Ghost' the sequel to 'Laying a Ghost' is now available from Loose Id and can be purchased here.

givingcoverIt's going to take a lot to get John and Nick's relationship back on track, and with everything they're fighting, from vengeful spirits to gold diggers, they're only going to make it if they give love a ghost of a chance.

Cover art by April Martinez

Drawing Closer

Drawing Closer, my first solo novel, is now available from Torquere Press. It's a contemporary m/m romance with D/s elements and it can be purchased here

Charles is a professor, an expatriate Brit, and a man with a past.He's put that aside,living the peaceful life he thinks he needs. He figures he's happy.

Until he meets Gray Collins, that is. He's a student, and even though Gray waits until after his class with Charles ends to make his move, Charles decides he's not about to get involved. Gray is stubborn, persisting until Charles can't resist, which is when Charles' past comes to light. Will Gray be able to accept all that he
learns, and convince Charles to let him get as close as he wants to?

Cover art by Rose Lenoir

Broomsticks and Stones

This novella is now available to buy from Torquere Press.

Set in a modern world where magic is a regular part of life, Broomsticks and Stones is the story of young lawyer, Peter Carruthers, who is entrusted with a task involving the delivery of a gem to Scotland, to be handed over to the new head of a clan.

Traveling by broomstick in a blizzard, Peter crashes and is lucky enough to find shelter with Jamie MacGellis who, when he finds out what Peter plans to do, has ideas of his own for the gem -- and for Peter.

Job Satisfaction

Men in UniformThis short (5,000 words) m/m story has been published as an e-book in the  'Men in Uniform' anthology by Torquere Press.

When the Air Force send someone to give a career talk to a graduating class, their teacher discovers that there's something about a man in uniform... and out of it.

Stories To Read Here:

Between, Beneath

Three men, one bed, the first time for one of them. Contains spanking and consensual bondage.

Falling For You

Rob's been working with Sean for a few weeks and doesn't think that he'll ever dare to do more than look, but it only takes a thirty minute break to change everything.

For Me Alone

An angry prince, a contrite whipping boy, and a twist... Contains consensual caning.

Forward Thinking

Honorable Mention in a competition run by Torquere Press. Chris and Andy are ready to take things one step further, but are they prepared?

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