Updated February 27 2012.

Third Base

February 27 2012 Shawn's coming to Carlton for something Juliet can't give him. Neither will Carlton. Shawn/Carlton R 900 words

Third Drawer Down

February 27 2012 Men wearing undies, spankings, misunderstandings. Shawn/Carlton NC17 2800 words

Lick and Stick

October 16 2011 Shawn's teasing puts ideas into Carlton's head, just the way Shawn wanted it to. Shawn/Carlton 350 words.

Burn, Baby, Burn

January 7 2011 PWP. Chestnuts aren't the only thing roasting before Carlton's fire. D/s scene, consensual. Shawn/Carlton NC17 700 words

Giving More

January 7 2011 Another in the 'More' series. Shawn/Carlton NC17 550 words

More of the Same

January 7 2011 Shawn/Carlton Sequel to 'May I Have Some More' R 2000 words

May I Have Some More

Nov 26 2010 Humiliation kink. Carlton gets off on Shawn's insuts more than anyone realizes. NC17 2000 words

Smooth Talker

Nov 24 2010 Shawn's always going one step further. Shawn/Carlton NC17 650 words

On Display

Nov 24 2010 Drabble. Carlton watches Shawn work. Shawn/Carlton PG

Close Encounters

October 18 2010. Now complete. An encounter in the men's room sparks a whole new dynamic for Carlton and Shawn, taking them both to their limits. Shawn/Carlton NC17 30,000 words


October 18 2010. All that Carlton wants to do is sleep. Shawn has other ideas. Shawn/Carlton NC17 3100 words

Captive Audience

October 18 2010. A kidnapper leaves Shawn and Carlton tied to each other with nothing to do but talk -- initially, anyway. Shawn/Carlton R 2900 words

Hello, Sailor

October 18 2010. Carlton returns to a rapturous welcome. Shawn/Carlton NC17 700 words

Practical Penance

September 19 2010 Spanking. Carlton pays the price for playing a trick on Shawn. Carlton/Shawn NC17 1100 words

The View From Here

September 19 2010 Spanking. Shawn forgets to do something, but Carlton doesn't. Carlton/Shawn NC17 1600 words

Preemptive Strike

September 19 2010 Domestic discipline theme. Carlton's giving Shawn something to remember before he leaves on a trip. Carlton/Shawn NC17 2500 words

Count the Seconds

September 19 2010 Shawn contemplates the consequences of his ongoing pretence. Shawn  600 words

Be Kind, Rewind

September 19 2010 Spanking/sensory deprivation fic. Carlton's taking Shawn to somewhere new.  Carlton/Shawn NC17 900 words


September 19 2010 BDSM themed. Shawn's drunk, Carlton's curious and things get out of hand in a bar. Carlton/Shawn  NC17 2600 words

His Master's Voice

September 19 2010 Drabble. BDSM themed. What would Shawn's reaction be to a collar?  Carlton/Shawn NC17 100 words

Hot Water

August 14 2010. Carlton finds Shawn more than a handful -- even in his fantasies. Carlton/Shawn R 750 words.

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