Rules of the Game

This is an Eclipsed series drabble, set during the 'Way Back When' part.

"You're a slut."

"'You're a slut, sir'," Jack corrected me, rolling on top. "So are you." He stared down. "Say it."

Couldn't. I wasn't good at playing games when I didn't know the rules.

"I'm a slut." Beat. "Sir."

"Not good enough." My wrists compressed between his fingers and I stirred, restless and hungry. "Again, Major."

"I'm a slut." Beat. "Just like you, sir."

"Do you ever give in?"

"Make me."


It wasn't long before I gasped out, "I'm your slut, sir."

That got me fucked. Even if I still hadn't said it right and we both knew it.

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