A Winning Streak

by Jane Davitt

The dreidel wavered and fell. Blair smirked. "Gimel."

"Again?" Jim watched Blair gather up the pot -- a glitter of gold-wrapped chocolate coins. "Is there a knack to the way you spin it, Chief, because I'm down to my last two coins here."

Blair picked up the wooden top and tossed it high, then let it smack down against his palm, still grinning. The third time he did it, Jim snatched it out of the air. "No knack," Blair said. "One in four chance of it landing gimel side up and I guess I'm just lucky tonight."

Jim examined the dreidel, darkly suspicious, then sighed, tossed in one of his last remaining coins and set the dreidel spinning.

Nun. Nothing. And Blair once again got 'gimel'. Oh, come on

Inspiration hit.

Jim picked up his final piece of gelt, unwrapped it, and crammed the chocolate in his mouth.

"Jim!" Blair protested.

Ignoring him, Jim set the dreidel spinning; nothing. Again. "Spin," Jim said thickly.

And when Blair, his mouth set disapprovingly, got gimel (again), Jim tapped his mouth. "Come and get your winnings."

Blair's frown dissolved like the chocolate in Jim's mouth, his kiss even sweeter.

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