Whistle and I'll Come

A/N This is part of a drabble tag on LJ with the challenge theme being 'Hairboy; the basic set up in Roslynmuse's original drabble was Blair bent over a sink washing honey from his hair and then being cheeky to Jim about his receding hairline. Some of us decided that with Blair in that position Jim would respond with a swat...

"You were way out of line," Blair said for the third time, his expression switching between confrontational and appealing too fast for Jim to be sure of what response Blair wanted.

Apology? Or once again with feeling?

He walked closer to Blair and got a hitch of breath, a telltale sway forward.

Good enough.

He ghosted the palm of his hand over Blair's ass, barely touching it. Blair gave a shocked, hopeful whimper and pressed back into the curved shape Jim's palm had become.

Jim let his hand drop.

Walked over to the couch and patted his knee.

"Here, boy."

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